Chill Factor Jelly Maker

Chill Factor Jelly Maker

Chill Factor Jelly Maker

Freeze it, Squeeze it and Enjoy!

Make jelly in seconds, not hours... No way! Yes way!! With the Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker you just freeze, fill, squeeze and flip to make wibbly, wobbly jelly in minutes!

Freeze - Take the Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker home and pop it in the freezer. That's
where it likes to live.

Fill – Mix up your jelly and pour it into the Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker. Use either quick set or traditional packet mix jelly, whatever flavour you like, and away you go.

Squeeze - Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. In minutes those magic hands of yours will turn that mix into jelly.

Flip – When your jelly is nearly set, flip your Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker over and leave the jelly to set in its special jelly cup. The longer you leave it the firmer your jelly will become.

Voila! Your jelly is ready to go. The Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker turns your liquiddy
jelly solution into ab fab wobbly (or crushy) jelly in under 2 minutes!

Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker uses arctic freeze technology... The secret is located in the Chill Factor™'s polar chambers. The all-natural cooling solution within the chambers employs a rapid freeze action, turning chilled drinks into icy slushies, cream into ice cream, and gelatin into jelly… all in less than a couple of minutes.

Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker is reusable. Simply wash in warm soapy water after
each use, re-freeze and it's ready to be used for the next jello jam.

Available in blue, orange, purple and red, Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker is quick, convenient, easy-to-use and ready to make jelly whenever you are. No mess, no fuss!


Chill Factor Ice Twist Slushy Maker

Kids aren't the only ones who love frozen slushy drinks.

For all the grownups who've been asking for a slightly bigger, slightly more sophisticated version of the original Chill Factor™ Slushy Maker… there is now the Chill Factor™ Ice Twist.

It's kind of like the kids' favourite Slushy Maker, but bigger and a bit more sophisticated. So now adults can cool down on a hot afternoon with a cool, refreshing beverage too.

Use the Chill Factor™ Ice Twist Slushy Maker to create instant frozen drinks and cocktails out of any chilled drinks you have at home.

Just add your favourite chilled drink to the frozen Chill Factor™ Ice Twist and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze! In less than a minute, you'll have a delicious frozen slushy delight!

Available in four cool colours, Chill Factor™ Ice Twist Slushy Maker is quick, convenient, easy-to-use and ready to make iced coffees, super-chilled smoothies or even a cocktail or two!


Chill Factor™ Jelly Maker
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Chill Factor™ Ice Twist Slushy Maker
Stockists: Dan Murphy's and BIG W
Availability: October 2014
RRP: $19.99


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