Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way

Light up your child's imagination this Christmas and experience the magic of story time with Hallmark's latest creation, Jingle, the adorable Husky Pup who comes to life when you read his story aloud.

Jingle is the first character in Hallmark's line of innovative Interactive Story Buddies™, which feature books and plush characters with voice-recognition technology. Key phrases prompt the plush character to interact with comments and sounds that change with each reading.

Simply press the left ear on Jingle and begin reading the companion book, Jingle All the Way, to hear him sing, bark or howl.

Jingle All the Way is a story about a good little dog named Jingle who did whatever he was told. The only thing Jingle couldn't do was 'go home' because he didn't have a home. Jingle's good behaviour and friendship is rewarded, as a boy who wants a dog and a dog who needs a home find each other.

Hallmark's Interactive Story Buddies provide a fun, multi-sensory experience that encourages interaction with others, helping children to develop a lifelong love for books and warm memories of story time.

Just in time for Christmas, Hallmark has introduced a free Jingle All the Way App to compliment the Jingle The Husky Pup Interactive Storybuddy. Adding a new dimension to story time, the App includes a narrated version and the option to record your own voice reading the story. Jingle interacts with these readings and the App also features a range of child-friendly musical games and puzzles. Download the free App by visiting the App store in iTunes.

Hallmark's Jingle The Husky Pup Interactive Storybuddy is RRP $34.99 and will be available from October at leading retailers, newsagents and selected gift stores nationally or online at www.hallmarkcards.com.au. And watch out for more Hallmark Interactive Storybuddy friends coming soon; including Cooper The Bear and Abigail the Bunny.

Story time has never been this magical thanks to Hallmark - bringing books to life this festive season in a whole new way!

Jingle All The Way
Price: $34.99