Predator Concrete Jungle Xbox and PS2 Game Review

Predator Concrete Jungle Xbox and PS2 Game Review

Genre: 3rd Person Action
Developer: Eurocom
Rating: M15+

The extra-terrestrial race of hunters once again chooses Earth for their latest human safari, keen to bag the head of an organised crime boss who has messed with the wrong ET.

Arriving in Chicago in the 1930's, the Predator will face hordes of gangsters armed with Tommy guns. But the story doesn't stop there, as we flash forward in time to see how the story continues 100 years later in 2030.Hi-tech weapons, stealth gadgets and a huge, free-roaming landscape as your hunting ground makes Predator: Concrete Jungle murderously good.

Say what you like about Schwarzenegger's acting, but the Predator remains one of the iconic movie monsters of all time. A muscle-bound alien with the ability to become invisible, armed with an array of hi-tech melee weapons and firearms. Imbued with a warped sense of honour, this cold killer only kills that which is a challenge.

In Concrete Jungle, the Predator/Aliens universe is further explored as we delve into the roots of the Weyland Yutani Corporation.

  • Kill at will or hunt with honour across a free-roaming landscape
  • Two distinct time periods - 1930's and 2030's
  • The complete Predator arsenal at your clawed finger-tips including Plasmacaster, Wristblades and Smart Disk
  • Four vision modes to keep one step ahead of your prey - Thermal Scan, Neuro Scan, Prey Scan and Tech Scan

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