Destroy All Humans One Giant Step On Mankind Xbox Game Review

Destroy All Humans One Giant Step On Mankind Xbox Game Review

Genre: Action
Developer: Pandemic Studios
Rating: MA15+

Use destructive weapons and innate mental powers to take on the most feared enemy in the galaxy - mankind! Play as Crypto, an alien warrior sent to Earth to clear the way for the Furon invasion force. Your mission is to infiltrate humanity, control them, harvest their brain stems, and ultimately destroy them. You choose the method: infiltration or disintegration

  • Turn the tables: Play from the alien perspective and finally know what it feels like to have the upper hand!
  • Arm yourself: Employ a variety of alien weaponry on land or in the air. Use the Ion Detonator, the Zap-O-Matic, the Sonic Boom, or even the Quantum Deconstructor to eradicate feeble humans.
  • Explore the planet: Discover and interact with five huge environments using an arsenal of alien abilities to manipulate humans into submission: hypnotize, body-snatch, read minds, levitate, and more!
  • Take to the skies: Fly your UFO to abduct animals, cars, and humans for research, or cause large-scale destruction.
  • Enjoy classic sci-fi: Packed with familiar and popular science fiction references.

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