Delta Force Black Hawk Down Xbox Game Review

Delta Force Black Hawk Down Xbox Game Review

Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Climax Group
Rating: MA15+

Experience 16 intense single-player missions, similar to those encountered in Somalia in 1993. Engage in close quarters battle, sniper fire, air attacks, and takedowns as a Ranger or a member of the Delta Force.

Test your fortitude in four-player split-screen co-op missions or fight it out on Xbox Live in Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, King of the Hill, and more!

  • Play through 16 intense single-player missions: With authentic Somalian buildings and terrain.
  • Experience multiplayer combat via Xbox Live: Play with up to 50 players online!
  • Enjoy split-screen co-op missions: Play with up to three friends. Exclusive to Xbox!
  • Issue commands to A.I. teammates: Use the game's voice recognition technology to your advantage.
  • Use voice communication online: Enhance team play with Xbox Live communication features.
  • Try out new multiplayer maps and modes: Exclusive to Xbox.
  • Work through the tutorial mode: Perfect for newcomers.
  • Operate a variety of vehicles: Including MH-6 helicopter transports, Black Hawks, and ground-based transports.
  • Utilize the advanced A.I. system: Carry out strategic, lethal combat maneuvers.
  • Use an arsenal of authentic weapons: Play with the same weapons used by US Special Forces during Operation Restore Hope and Task Force Ranger.
  • Travel huge and varied landscapes: Transport yourself into the middle of a chaotic war zone.

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