Franny Hill DVD

Franny Hill DVD


A classic drama about a young, orphaned country girl, Fanny Hill, falls into prostitution and works her way up the social ladder of bawdy 18th Century London.

Based on the classic novel by John Cleland, Andrew Davies, the award-winning script writer, (Pride and Prejudice, Dr Zhivago, Bridget Jones's Diary, Tipping The Velvet), brings his good humour and naughty wit to a plot which is a seductive rollercoaster of youthful experimentation and sexual liberation.

Forced to take a succession of lovers to survive, Fanny Hill, played by newcomer Rebecca Night, is introduced to the oldest profession in the world by Mrs Brown (Alison Steadman, Pride and Prejudice).

Although at first Fanny wholeheartedly enjoys the fruits of her labour there are also complications, heartache, disappointment and frustration as she earns her respectability and independence.

Franny Hill
Rating: M
Running Time: 115 mins
RRP: $29.95