Don't Flush It!

fem-it® is a discreet, disposable bag for your feminine hygiene products, to use at home or out and about.

Your new "Little Black Bag": fem-it® don't flush it!
fem-it® is a simple, secure, press-seal bag for discreet disposal of your used feminine hygiene products.

The 60 perfect sized disposal bags in a stylish bathroom canister feature:
Strong and non-permeable black bag that is odour-proof
Wide opening that is easy to use and gives you access using one hand
Simple and secure press-seal that will not leak
Once sealed you can easily carry it in your bag before discarding
Perfect size for disposal of tampons, pads or condoms

fem-it® is a new, no fuss way to deal with those situations where discretion means everything!

There are many times and places where it is just not easy to be menstruating, such as: visiting friends, doing business, exercising, exploring or travelling… And even though it's not good for drains and sewerage systems, how many times have we considered flushing - just because it's easier?

Now it's simple!
You can feel confident and comfortable about discarding your personal hygiene products with ease and discretion. Fem-it® don't flush it!

The fem-it® bag conveniently slips into your handbag, wallet or pocket. You can even keep your clean tampon or pad in the bag prior to use and when done simply place your used product into the bag, seal and then dispose of in the bin.
That means no more awkward or embarrassing moments when you need to dispose of your used tampons, pads or condoms.
fem-it® have created a great quality product you can trust.

Instructions For Use:
To use simply pull top edges of bag apart to open the seal and hold open using thumb and forefinger
Place used tampon, pad or condom into the bag
To close, press seals firmly together all the way along the seam
Dispose of in household or public bin
Please do not use for food and keep out of the reach of children and pets
Please do not flush this product

fem-it® bags made from Low Density Polyethylene. fem-it® canister and caps are made from recycled materials and can be recycled.

Review: What an idea! fem-it® bags will make life easier for all women whether they are used at home, on holidays, during the Spring Racing Carnival or at anytime, anywhere!
All females will be thankful for fem-it® bags when they no longer have sewerage blockages or plumber fees from flushing sanitary products.

Mothers will be impressed with the discrete fem-it® bags and I recommend they purchase them for their daughters for school camps, sporting weekends, sleepovers and for the bathroom (especially if they have a brother). Fem-It & Co. have had a lot of feedback from parents; one who said their daughter had been stashing her used pads in her bag when staying with her father - now with the discrete fem-it® bags she's at ease.

I personally enjoy using the fem-it® bags at home, at work and during travel! At home I feel at ease when using fem-it® because I don't feel as if I have to change the bathroom bin every day; my partner also likes how discrete and hygienic the little black bags are! The fem-it® bags are perfect for shared bathrooms, in the workplace and when travelling!
All B&Bs and hotels should be stocking their guests cupboards with fem-it®!

Fem-It & Co. is a vital, new Australian company based in Melbourne. The sealable bags are the first of their kind, designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose. Fem-It & Co. believe they have created a great quality product that you will love using and can trust.

Available exclusively online atwww.fem-it.com.au


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