Fashionistas Love opaque footless tights

Fashionistas Love opaque footless tights
Officially the biggest trend of the year, footless tights are gracing legs of women around the world on a daily basis. From the freezing temperatures of Moscow to the steamy summer nights of Milan and Paris, these stockings with no feet (yes, a little odd if you think of them that way) are changing the way we dress.

Floaty floral dresses are now chunked up with wedge heels and opaque footless tights; chic cocktail dresses get a contemporary face-lift with lace trimmed footless; minis world-wide reveal less skin with the focal point being a sexy anklet peeping from below... even our lifestyle wear has adopted these versatile accessories.

Celebrities - and there stylists - are probably to thank for the resurrection of this icon that has lurked in the corner of the trend closet for far too long. Donning the legs of stars like Lindsay Lohan, Jess Simpson, Ashley Olsen and Molly Simms, Footless tights in every shape, colour and style, are set to continue transforming outfits.

We suggest strongly one in every colour and let these leggings reveal a lot you didnt know about your wardrobe.