Ground-breaking comedy-drama from the highly acclaimed producers of Hustle, Life on Mars and Spooks.

Over 4 million viewers in the UK.

Moving Wallpaper / Echo Beach is the groundbreaking, comedy-drama double bill from EastEnders writer Tony Jordan. With interlinking storylines, jokes and cameos both productions were written to stand alone or screen together as a complete show. Winning huge audiences and critical acclaim in the UK, it is currently screening on ABCTV2 and may soon be broadcast on ABCTV1. Series 2 of Moving Wallpaper has just been commissioned.

Moving Wallpaper is a behind-the-scenes comedy about the making of a new British soap 'Polnarran'. The hilarious fly-on-the-wall expose of the production office introduces a hostile executive producer and team of worthy writers who are driven to the brink of insanity when maverick producer Jonathan Pope (Ben Miller Armstrong and Miller) is brought in to salvage the production just weeks before launch. Just back from L.A, Pope wants to 'change the face of British television for ever' and wastes no time 'sexing' things up - starting with a younger, better looking cast and a title change. Goodbye Polnarren, hello Echo Beach.

Echo Beach is a drama set in a surf village in scenic Cornwall. Widower Daniel Marrack (Jason Donovan) returns, with his 2 children, to start a new life in his hometown and within hours, old hostilities begin to surface. Daniel's ex-lover Susan Penwarden (Martine McCutcheon, Notting Hill; EastEnders) and her husband, Mark (Hugo Speer The Full Monty) make Daniel's life hell. Ultimatums are delivered and when a fight breaks out between teenagers at a beach party the next generation unknowingly play out the hostilities of their parents. Old battle lines are redrawn and loyalties tested as it becomes clear that the coastline is not as calm as it at first seemed.

With actors and plotline jumping between programs this clever and witty series will have audiences hooked.

Run Time: 536 minutes

EXTRAS: Features a series of behind the scenes clips from each episode.

"Wonderfully deadpan British satire...The Office meets Grosse Point" The Sunday Age

"Refreshingly innovative" The West Australian

"A new idea of linking two programmes to make one über show that's very addictive. It's a clever duo…you'll be hooked" Sunday Mirror UK

Echo Beach
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