Eat, Love, Pray, Oriental Spa

Eat, Love, Pray, Oriental Spa

Eat, Love, Pray, Oriental Spa

Bali is a place renowned for its peaceful culture, rolling rice paddies, endless tropical beaches, warm breezes and gentle gamelan music, where stressed souls are transported to a place of tranquility and rest. The Balinese culture embraces, beauty and harmony between mind, body and spirit and this experience can now be found in Sydney at the Oriental Spa.

The key to ultimate Balinese-style relaxation and well-being has been passed down through generations of Indonesian women, with traditional beauty treatments that focus on total well-being - through massage, meditation and herbal medicine 'jamu', which thousands of Australians experience every year on holiday.

When Indonesian born Pratiwi Kadri immigrated to Australia in 1997 she wanted to recreate this Balinese experience for Australians. Oriental Spa was born of this idea - a day spa dedicated to the healing practices of 'The Orient' inspired by practitioners of ancient cultures in Bali, Java, Thailand, India, and China.

The Oriental Spa has six treatment rooms, where staff practice traditional massage, reflexology, body exfoliation, herbal bath treatments, masques, body wraps and body treatments. All products are personally hand ground from a rich source of organic aromatic spices, roots and herbs into 'jamu' and then applied to the skin according to each individual's personal requirements.

Pratiwi Kadri, owner of the Oriental Spa believes, "These remedies have been an integral part of my life since I was a child. True beauty can not be achieved with makeup or artificial camouflage - it must come from a healthy body and mind."

The spa's internal colour scheme is reflective of the natural colours of the spices used in the treatments - honey hews, cinnamon, candlenut, tamarind, turmeric and paprika. Natural materials like stone, bamboo and wood give the spa an organic, calming atmosphere. Fragrant lemongrass and ginger tea is served upon entry and the perfume of incense hangs in the air. Holistically the experience is one of healing, relaxation, cleansing and centering of the body and mind.

Oriental Spa is the perfect present for a birthday, honeymoon, hen's night, bridal party, weekend of relaxation, couple weekend, or a great present to yourself, please contact Kalli Marshall to make an appointment to review the spa.

Treatments Include:
Therapeutic massage with hot stones, bamboo, jade stones and aromatherapy
Reflexology and Head Massage Indian, traditional Thai and stress relief
Pure Body Glow Treatments which cleanse and exfoliate skin and are followed by a yoghurt body wash
Body Wrap Treatments The body works by cleansing the fluid between the adipose cells the herbal body wrap is designed to cleanse and detoxify your body and skin.
Body Masque Treatments Are a combination of a body wrap and body exfoliation.
Herbal Bath Treatments This royal treatment has soaked princesses and princes' for centuries as an elixir of eternal youth.
Spa Facial Treatments All facials are enhanced with relaxing massages of the hands, feet and shoulders.
Feet and Hand Treatments Reflex zones are stimulated through being soaked scrubbed and massaged to clear built-up toxins, prevent dryness and roughness of the skin.
Hair and Scalp Treatments Rejuvenate and revitalize hair to create shine and smoothness.

"To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear" - Buhdda