Disney/Pixar’s DVD Suite

With the amazing success of Disney/Pixars FINDING NEMO, Buena Vista Home Entertainment are shining spotlight on the whole suite of Disney/Pixar smash hits which are available for you to own on DVD and video!

TOY STORY, TOY STORY 2, A BUGS LIFE, and MONSTERS, INC. are rib tickling and heart warming adventures that will enthral both kids and adults.


Just as you always suspected, toys have a life of their own and in Disney/Pixars rip-roaring feature TOY STORY, not only do the toys walk, talk and play, they have thrilling roller coaster rides of fun and adventure.

The story begins when young Andy receives every kids dream toy for his birthday, "space ranger" Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen), complete with wings and laser beams! Buzzs gadgets and bravado win over his fellow toys and previously favourite toy Woody, the pull-string cowboy (Tom Hanks), turns green with envy.

To the toys despair Buzz and Woody fall into the clutches of a neighbourhood bully. Forced to work together to plot their escape, these two squabbling rivals discover a unique bond that seals their friendship and helps them find their way home.

TOY STORY, Disney/Pixars first computer-animated feature, combines great visual effects with wicked humour to present an unforgettable movie experience.

TOY STORY received an Academy Award for Special Achievement. The DVD also features the Academy Award Winning Animated short Tin Toy. Other bonus features include a behind the scenes peek at the groundbreaking animation and making of TOY STORY.


Woody and Buzz return for another adventure and are joined by a roundup of unforgettable new characters, including Jessie the cowgirl, Bullseye the horse and Stinky Pete the prospector.

When Andy goes away to summer camp and Woody is toy-napped by Al, a greedy collector, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato Head, Hamm, Rex and Slinky Dog spring into action in a thrilling and hilarious rescue mission that will have everyone cheering!

TOY STORY 2 is twice the fun and hilarity and the bonus DVD features include Academy Award Nominated short Luxo, Jr , character and music featurettes, coolest toy featurette and to keep you rolling in the aisles a complete set of outtakes.

TOY STORY 2 ups the ante in humour and weaves in magical music to create a film that both tore up the box office as well as won critical acclaim, garnering a Golden Globe award for best Comedy Musical*.

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Bugs, creeping, crawling and even flying everywhere were never so lovable as they are in this charming adventure set in the microscopic world of insects.

In this modern day fable that credits not just hard work but innovation and bravery, an inventive ant named Flik hires "warrior bugs" to help defend his colony from a mean and nasty horde of freeloading grasshoppers, led by Hopper.

But when the warriors are revealed to be a ragtag group of flea circus performers, the stage is set for comic confusion, revealing some unlikely heroes! The movie features a star-studded voice cast including Dave Foley (Flik), Kevin Spacey (Hopper), Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (Princess Atta), Hayden Panettiere (Dot), Phyllis Diller (Queen), Richard Kind (Molt) and David Hyde Pierce (Slim).

Special DVD features include an Audio Commentary, a peek Inside A Bugs World on the making of this magical movie, hilarious outtakes and yet another Academy Award winning short, Geris Game.

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True to its title, MONSTERS, INC opens the wardrobe to a monster-sized adventure that celebrates the importance of laughing loud and long! This monster-sized hit captured the hearts of critics and fans around the world when it debuted on the silver screen and is guaranteed to be hugely entertaining time and again.

Enter the amazing world of Monstropolis and Monsters, Inc, the monster citys biggest scream processing plant. Here we meet Top Scarer Sulley and his Scare Assistant Mike, voiced by two Hollywood heavies, John Goodman and Billy Crystal.

Peaceful monster-ville is turned upside down when a little girl named Boo accidentally crosses over into their world and scares the monsters silly! MONSTERS, INC helps us see fear is hardly ever based on fact and that laughter is truly the most powerful force on earth.

This is a monster of a DVD with huge bonus features including For The Birds, Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short Film, an all-new animated short, Mikes New Car, hilarious outtakes and an interactive exploration of two amazing worlds - humans and monsters.

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To cap it off, dont miss out on experiencing the biggest animated feature of all time, FINDING NEMO. It is the highest grossing animated film ever released in Australia and since its DVD release, more and more people are diving into this amazing experience.

FINDING NEMO, a Walt Disney Pictures Presentation of a Pixar Animation Studios Film, will see you immersed in the breathtaking underwater world of Australias very own Great Barrier Reef, as the hilarious and touching story of a fathers love for his son, unfolds.

Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken from his Great Barrier Reef home by a diver and unwillingly relocated to a dentists office aquarium. Nemos worrisome father Marlin is panic-stricken and together with Dory, a friendly but forgetful blue tang fish, they set out on an epic journey to find Nemo and bring him home.

Throughout their quest, Marlin and Dory prove to be the ultimate comedic duo as they come face-to-face with new-age vegetarian sharks, surfer-dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish and hungry seagulls in their search to find Nemo. FINDING NEMO s breakthrough computer animation will take you into a spectacular new world with this undersea adventure about family, love, courage and overcoming obstacles.

The unforgettably lovable characters are played by superior voice talent including Albert Brooks as Marlin, Alexander Gould as Nemo and Ellen DeGeneres as Dory. Australian talent is outstanding with Barry Humphries as Bruce the great white shark, Geoffrey Rush as Nigel the pelican and Eric Bana as the hammerhead shark.

The amazing two-disc Collectors Edition DVD features an original short film, exciting never-viewed-before scenes, a humorous Pixar studio tour, a fun interactive game, virtual aquariums, an exclusive making of documentary, and much, much more!

If you haven't already got these classic Disney . Pixar movies in your collection, what are you doing? You depriving your children and yourself of some great family entertainment. Very easy to watch over and over again, with some excellent messages for children.

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All these titles are now available at leading DVD and Video retailers, ad them to your collection today.