Dad's Army - Father's Day releases from Roadshow

Dad's Army - Father's Day releases from Roadshow

Dads Army Series 3:

It's 1940 and Britain is on the alert for an imminent Nazi invasion. With full-time troops occupied overseas, the coastal defenses are left to a handful of veteran soldiers - The Home Guard. And in Walmington-on-Sea, one inept, feeble and inadequately armed platoon is very keen to do its bit. This double DVD also includes an extra featurette and photo gallery. SRP $29.95

State of Play:

Dangerous liaison's in love and politics, writer Paul Abbott's (Shameless, Clocking Off) exciting drama series as seen on ABC TV in 2004 is a dynamic combination of murder, suspicion, deceit and intrigue. Featuring an outstanding cast, including David Morrissey, John Simm, Bill Nighy and James McAvoy. State of Play is directed by David Yates (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) and has scooped several awards including a "Best Actor" BAFTA for Bill Nighy. SRP $29.95


First screened in 1969, this landmark series is presented by distinguished art historian Sir Kenneth Clark and is his personal view of the ideas and values that shaped western civilization. Touring Europe, he traces developments in thoughts and culture from the fall of the Roman Empire, through the Dark Ages through to present day. This 4-disc set features the complete series, Special Features and a specially written 36 page illustrated booklet of viewing notes. SRP $79.95

The Ascent of Man:

Further to the monumental success of Civilisation in 1969, BBC TWO controller Sir David Attenborough commissioned a similar series that focused on science and technology, instead of arts. The result was the landmark series The Ascent of Man, in which Dr Jacob Bronowski traces the history of mankind's advancements from primitive times to present day, around the world. This 4-disc set features the complete series, Special features and a specially written 48 page illustrated booklet of viewing notes. SRP $79.95

Blake's 7 Series 3:

"Heroics seldom run to schedule" Kerr Avon. The story of an interplanetary rebellion group battling for survival against an all-powerful totalitarian government was first shown on BBC television in 1978. Created by Terry Nation it became an instant hit, and regularly attracted audiences of over 8 million in the UK. Featuring all thirteen episodes of Series 3 this fantastic five-disc set includes an array of DVD extras. SRP $99.95

The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin:

A disillusioned office slave at Sunshine Desserts, Reginald Iolanthe Perrin is showing signs of cracking up. One day he just disappears, leaving his monotonous life behind him. All that is left is a neat pile of clothes on the beach. With its catchphrases, inventive idea's and absurd characters, the tale of Reggie Perrin and his weird mid-life crisis is one of the wittiest, funniest, silliest, most quoted and most popular cult comedies of all time. Made in the 1970's, it has not dated - even the clothes and hairstyles are back in fashion! Stars Leonard Rossiter and Geoffrey Palmer. SRP $29.95

Only Fools & Horses Series 5:

Six episodes with Del, Rodney and Uncle Albert helping a young German damsel in distress - nine months worth of distress, when she turns up at the Nag's Head. Del "gets" religion (or is he just on the make?) when the Madonna shed's tears at the local church. Rodney sees red, literally, when Del tampers with the sun-bed controls! Lovely jubbly! SRP $29.95