Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

We invest so much money in face creams and cosmetic surgery. Do you think the importance in investing in the appearance of teeth is overlooked?

Absolutely! Changing or refreshing your smile with cosmetic dentistry has a subtle yet noticeable impact on the appearance of your face in general. More importantly, it is a genuine, simple, and permanent way of restoring a youthful and attractive appearance.

What are the three biggest teeth stainers in our day to day life?

Red wine, coffee/tea and smokingCan stained teeth ever be returned to their former whiteness? How?

Quite simply! Professional tooth whitening procedures have become a mainstream form of dentistry that easily whitens teeth to their brightest and whitest in a single step in approximately one hour in the dental practice, or alternatively with take-home kits that will take about a week.

Why do some people naturally have super-white teeth, and others have duller colouring?

I don't think many people have naturally super white teeth, (they're just the ones that may not admit to having whitened them!) but variations in shade are common and due to genetic factors, wear and tear and environmental factors such as staining agents and chemicals that may be ingested at times during tooth formation.

Who are three celebrities/personalities that your clients want to emulate in the smile stakes?

Very few people actually have a specific celebrity in mind, however, funnily enough they come with the broad classification of either wanting or not wanting a "hollywood" smile! Often our clients come with clippings of stars or models they like the look of.

What are the most popular dental cosmetic procedures in the lower, mid and high price range? (can you please name them, include approx price range and any websites, phone numbers etc for reader inquiries?)

  • Tooth whitening ($500-$1000)
  • Invisible tooth straightening ($3000-$7500)
  • Porcelain veneers/smile makeovers ($2200-$20000)

    All of the state of the art cosmetic procedures are described in detail on our website

    How can people care for teeth in three steps each day?

    Brush, floss and mouthrinse. Easy! It takes all of 5 minutes a day to do this properly, yet people often underestimate the importance of doing it properly...especially flossing

    Do whitening products wear down the enamel over time?

    Professionally administered tooth whitening products have been proven clinically to have NO adverse effects on tooth enamel. This is an urban myth perpetuated by the fact that consumers are sometimes confused with so called 'whitening toothpastes' that can be bought over the counter. These products often include abrasive agents that can be damaging to the tooth surfaces over time.

    What percentage of men/women come to you for cosmetic dentistry and what are the most popular procedures within the genders?

    Women make up approximately 70% of our cosmetic clients, however there is a growing trend in the amount of men who come in for a smile rejuvenation.

    Tooth whitening is applicable to every age group, as now is tooth straightening. Porcelain veneers tend to be more applicable to the younger range of patients and crown and implant dentistry tend to be more common in the middle-aged and older patients. This is only a broad generalisation, and it obviously depends on the individual case. There is no particular treatment modality that is limited by or dictated by age in the adult population.

    What age group are the most frequent visitors to your clinic?

    Because different facets of cosmetic dentistry are applicable to many age groups, we find that our patients are aged anywhere from their 20's to their 60's!

    Brighten Your Smile - Teeth Whitening

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