Thrush & the emotional stress

Sydney, 29 March 2004 - 74 per cent of Australian women rate vaginal thrush [candidiasis] as one of the most sensitive and difficult women's health conditions to discuss, despite it being very common and seldom serious, according to new MONISTAT® research from Johnson & Johnson Pacific.

In an Australian first, 762 women who had experienced the condition took part in the MONISTAT® research study, designed to understand the impact of thrush on women emotionally, on their lifestyle and relationships.

According to Professor Kerryn Phelps, leading General Practitioner and authority on medical issues in Australia: "75 per cent of women experience vaginal thrush at some stage in their life, yet they still find it hard to talk about openly. As a result, the topic is under discussed, it becomes taboo and important information on how best to prevent or deal with the condition goes amiss."

The MONISTAT® research reveals that the symptoms of thrush put significant emotion strain on women, indicating that while experiencing a bout of thrush:
  • 75% of women never feel like having sex
  • 41% of women feel depressed
  • 43% of women experience decreased levels of body image and self confidence
  • 55% are always paranoid about personal odour
  • 41% are always paranoid about discharge becoming obvious on clothes
  • 31% would skip a night out

    Professor Kerryn Phelps comments: "These responses can have serious implications for women in relationships - particularly for those who suffer from recurrent infections. Addressing the condition with a healthcare professional as soon as symptoms appear will mean the right treatment is administered, relieving thrush fast and minimising physical and emotional suffering. This also ensures the appropriate education on thrush, eliminating the myths and stigmatisms that surround it. And women would welcome this with open arms it appears - 80 per cent of those surveyed hope the condition becomes a more openly discussed health topic".

    The new MONISTAT® research confirms some common myths and misconceptions. More than one third of women (35 per cent) still believe that vaginal thrush is caused by sex and 60 per cent of women do not know that wet swimmers left on the body for a prolonged period of time could trigger thrush.

    According to Karen McAllister, Professional Marketing Manager, Johnson & Johnson Pacific: "Johnson & Johnson has studied the impact of thrush on women from all angles in order to evaluate what today's woman wants from a treatment. Based on clinical reports, the MONISTAT® research and feedback from women directly, we are confident we've ticked all the boxes and are proud to offer a product that provides the convenient and rapid relief women want".

    "New MONISTAT® 1 is a one-dose vaginal thrush treatment that allows women to take charge, treat thrush effectively, and get on with the things they love in life," concludes Karen McAllister.

    MONISTAT® 1 is available nationwide from April 2004 at pharmacies and does not require a prescription. The recommended retail price is $18.95.

    About the MONISTAT® research study
    762 adult women [who had suffered from vaginal thrush] participated in a national online research study conducted by independent research house, ACA Research. The research was conducted between January 28, 2004 and February 3, 2004.

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