Five Ways to Balance Hormones

Five Ways to Balance Hormones

PCOS can make you sleepless, tired, moody and irritable. Here are five ways to balance your hormones:

Substitute meats, gluten and dairy products with highly nutritional sources like fresh fish, free range eggs, nuts, seeds, organic fruits and vegetables, gluten free whole grains and legumes. This significantly reduces the levels of excess testosterone in your body. When you bring your wayward testosterone under control, you not only lessen excessive hair growth over time, but you improve your chances of being happy and overcoming your PCOS.

Exercising and practicing oriental moving meditation techniques like Yoga, Tai Chi, or Qi Kung will help you balance your energy. Practicing Yoga and Meditation will also help you deal with stress and negative emotions. Exercise produces -happy hormones' that both boost positive emotion and a healthy body image. Exercise also helps to improve insulin sensitivity and decrease cravings.

Cut down on processed and sugary foods like breads, cakes, pasta, sweets and baked goodies. The lack of fibre and nutrients, plus sugar, unhealthy fats, additives and preservatives cause a myriad of problems, from oestrogen dominance (one culprit behind a -grouchy' you), to insulin resistance, gut issues and cravings.

Cut down on your coffee and alcohol and give up smoking. These adversely affect your health and fertility, your ability to heal, detoxify and de-stress.

Your food may not be providing your body with all its required nutrients. When it comes to your emotional and psychological health ensuring a steady supply of nutrients is also essential. Supplements like Theanine [6] will help you relax and help improve brain alertness and sharpness. This can be taken as an inexpensive supplement, but is also found in green tea. B vitamins, zinc, magnesium, and calcium are also essential for calming crabbiness.

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