Pelvic Floor Exercise

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Pelvic Floor Exercise

Every year we make resolutions we don't keep, but how about a resolutions that can help you increase your pleasure in the bedroom, help with child birth and bladder control? A resolution to exercise her pelvic floor muscles regularly is the best New Year gift a woman can give herself. And it's easier now than ever before, with many simple and affordable exercise aids readily available in Australia.

Most women already know that strong pelvic floor muscles are vital for health and wellbeing throughout the life span. "Effective pelvic floor muscle exercise is essential in preventing and addressing pelvic floor related problems such as incontinence, vaginal prolapse, and low back pain and reduced sexual satisfaction." says Michelle Kenway, consulting physiotherapist to the women's health unit at The Mater Private Hospital-Redland.

Yet women frequently confess that they don't exercise as often as they should, and they don't persist for long enough. "Many women are concerned that they aren't doing the exercises properly." says Linda McClelland of Pelvic Floor Exercise. "Others say that they can't fit an exercise program into a busy schedule."

But there's no need to give up exercising for these reasons any more.

"We stock physiotherapist-approved products that suit everyone's needs." says Linda. "Some devices teach women the correct exercise technique, whilst others can be used in day-to-day life, so don't require dedicated exercise time."

So there's no reason to let weak pelvic floor muscles affect your health or wellbeing in 2009. Make a resolution to exercise your pelvic floor muscles regularly and look forward to a healthy and active year ahead.

About Pelvic Floor Exercise
Pelvic Floor Exercise is Australia's only specialist supplier of pelvic floor strengthening aids for both women and men. We work with medical and health professionals to encourage Australians of all ages to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

The PelvicFloor Exercise website is a valuable online resource for Australian women (and men), that provides a wealth of information and research into this delicate subject. is Australia's only specialist pelvic floor exercise website and online store. The site provides extensive research-based information, along with reading materials, DVDs and manual exercise aids that dispel the mystery of how to do effective pelvic floor exercises, allowing women to make informed decisions in the privacy of their own homes.