Charmaine Wilson

Charmaine Wilson

Charmaine Wilson

'The One' Psychic back on the road with her show - Spirit Whispers

Charmaine Wilson is the winner of Channel 7's 'The One', QLD Psychic of the Year 2009 and Australian Psychic of the Year 2005.

Charmain Wilson is currently writing her second novel, holding retreats for parents who are coping with grief and is about to hit the road to perform shows.

Charmain's shows allow audience members the chance to connect with people who may have passed. Charmain also has the ability to give messages of peace and love to the living.

Charmaine Wilson provides the gift of re-uniting those who have crossed over with those who are still alive. Charmaine began this process after her father passed away in 1999. Due to this loss, and losing others she dearly cared for she is very understanding and compassionate in regards to speaking with those in grief.

With industry experience and achievements recognised by The AustralianPsychics Association, an award for 2005 Australian Psychic of the year, 2009QLD Psychic of the Year and the winner of The One, a nationwide search forAustralia's most gifted psychic, Charmaine Wilson is one special lady.

"In my show I read for the whole two hours and give as much spiritual educationas I can between readings. I feel that most people walk away a little lighter andsomewhat more enlightened," she said.

"I believe that mediums are meant to heal grief not deal it so the spirits comethrough with love and laughter."

Austereo SA FM breakfast co-host Amber Petty describes Charmaine's show asa breathtaking experience with real audience pull and strength.

"I've been to see many mediums in my life but I have never seen anyone connectas quickly and as accurately live as Charmaine. I left the show in tears knowinghow through the work she did with connecting with the audience's loved one'shad turned their pain into internal peace," Ms Petty stated.

In addition to Charmaine's shows, she is adding the finishing chapters to hersecond book which focuses on aiding bereaved parents, following on from thesuccess of her first book "Spirit Whispers".

Do you have any tips on how we can cope with grief?

Charmaine Wilson: Grief is an emotional rollercoast and I have a lot of ways in which you can deal with it. Grief can be a long process. The first thing you have to realise is you have to move through the grief and you cannot avoid your emotions. You need to let the emotions hit you when they do.

If someone very close to you has passed away you will often feel depressed for 6 to 12 months, maybe more if it was a very tragic or close death. Just don't expect to feel great.

Do remember that everyone handles grief differently. Males handle grief differently to females, they are often not hit as hard and do grieve in a different way. Don't judge your feelings on the way others are feeling.

Your emotions will come at different times in different areas, you will experience denial and anger during your stages, these are normal emotions, and you need to let them run through. Just understand that it is normal.

If you or someone you no is still experiencing depression from grief, three years or more after the event you need to suggest seeing a councellor, this is a normal grieving time if it is the death of a child- but it is still very important to see a councellor and talk through your emotions.

Avoid alcohol and drugs as this masks the problem, and often you will fall harder when they wear off, they work like a Bandaid. I suggest you meditate, even if it is only for 5 to 10 minutes a day, it is good to clear your mind. It is great if you take up exercise, this clears deep dark feelings- the sooner you begin walking, going to the gym or boxing you'll feel better, and boxing is great for getting your anger out!

Try to not over indulge or 'pig-out', we use junk food as a comfort food, but we need to realise that sugar is bad, it takes you on a quick high, and then you fall down lower than before. Ensure you have a good diet.

It would be good to try Tai Chi or Yoga - gentle exercise that unblocks the body.

Do you have any specialised tips on how parents can cope with grief, whilst they also try to support their children coping with grief?

Charmaine Wilson: Don't feel bad about laughing. It is okay to begin laughing again. Kids accept death a lot better than adults, they are very expressive kids and often busy too, they continue to go to school and accept a death. Often if they laugh and their parents aren't laughing they feel bad, don't let them feel bad- you need to laugh. If a child is having trouble coping, or they have lost a parent ensure they write down their emotions. They could write poetry or a diary and they could make a photo-collage or scrapbook. Often reading is good too- they could read books written by mediums as they often show how to connect with the spiritual world.

Tell us about your shows:

Charmaine Wilson: I am a medium and it is a spiritual show. I do not walk in and say "I have a John- he has had cancer…" That could be made up and it could be many people in the room. I do my shows on a stage, with an audience and often when I walk into the room I am drawn to an audience member- I then become attached to this person. I can often say your person passed away of this and many spirits want to tell embarrassing stories about the living- so I share those.

Tell us about your second book, what is it titled?

Charmaine Wilson: I have just finished it, 63 thousand words! It is titled Spirit Child and it is a continuation of my first book. It tells the story of how I have helped parents who have lost a child. It explains how they coped and how I met them and the stages they went though. It also talks about 'The One' television program and how crazy things happen- when you are a medium in Australia.

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Interview by Brooke Hunter


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