How Celebrities Shed Their Pregnancy Weight

How Celebrities Shed Their Pregnancy Weight
By Alana Gold, Registered Dietitian

Are you wondering how your favorite celebrity moms slimmed down after giving birth? Curious to know their secrets on how they quickly returned to their pre-pregnancy shape? Read on, as Truestar reveals the scoop on how celebrity moms, from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Debra Messing, slimmed down.

Catherine Zeta-Jones
This Hollywood actress gained 50 pounds while she was pregnant with her first son, Dylan. She is a well-known follower of the Atkins type diet 'low-carbohydrate and high protein' which helped her shed unwanted pounds. Zeta-Jones also believes portion control helped her lose her baby weight and she hired a nutrition coach to help her choose the right types of foods in the right amounts. She loaded up on foods like lean meats, fish and veggies. She also believes drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep are important for a healthy lifestyle.

Uma Thurman
Uma wanted to lose her baby weight after giving birth in 2002. She turned to a personal trainer/nutritionist and got healthy food delivered to her each and every day - a meals-on-wheels program for dieting stars! This combination of prepared meals and personal training helped her shed 25 pounds in just six weeks.

Kate Hudson
This A-list Hollywood star spared no expense when it came to shedding pregnancy weight. After giving birth to son Ryder, she hired two personal trainers to help her lose the 60 pounds of pregnancy weight. Although she admits it was tough, she worked out 2-3 hours per day, six days a week. Her diet regimen consisted of smaller meals spread throughout the day, consisting of higher protein foods and restrictions on certain carbohydrates such as grains and some fruits. Her intensive exercise and dieting helped her shed the weight in four months.

Debra Messing
'Will & Grace' star Debra Messing recently gave birth to her son, Roman. She took a different dieting approach than most Hollywood stars and did nothing at all for three months but breast-feed her baby boy. What she soon realized was that this was probably the best thing for her and the baby, as breastfeeding burnt away up to 3000kj a day! Breast-feeding helped her shed 33 pounds since giving birth and now Messing looks to the help of fitness trainers and adhering to a strict diet to help stay slim.

Truestar to the rescue
Although some of the approaches used by your favorite celebrity moms are quick and effective, they can be costly, unhealthy and unavailable to most. An effective way for most women to lose weight and regain their pre-pregnancy figure is to make it part of an overall lifestyle program, involving diet and exercise.

Follow the Truestar meal plans, which are sensible and promote balanced eating. Meals include a balance of low glcyemic index carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, beans and legumes), lean proteins (chicken, fish, turkey, soy, lean beef and low fat dairy products) and essential fats (olive oil, fish oils, nuts and seeds). If breast-feeding, be sure to follow a meal-plan of a minimum of 1800 calories to support lactation. Also, exercise assists postpartum weight loss. Visit a Truestar for Women center near you or see online exercise plans.

Be realistic and have patience with shedding the weight. It took nine months to put the weight on and it should take almost that much time to lose it.


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