Carla Cametti PD

Carla Cametti PD

A drama about crime, friendship and a family that loves death

Private Detective CARLA CAMETTI likes to stay close to her loved ones.

Being Italian is like that.

Theres her dad LEO who runs the family restaurant but still harbours dreams of being an Opera singer.

Her mum ANGELA lusting after the local crime boss while trying to marry her off.

Her best friend LISA planning the wedding of the year while sleeping around.

And her ZIO TONY whose dark secrets are starting to surface.

Then theres MATT BRODIE, ex-boyfriend and suspect in the latest gangland shooting.

Her best friends dad, JOE TESTRO, under police surveillance.

And her mate GEORGINA, a widow at thirty and hell bent on revenge.

Carla loves them all.

Only problem is one of them is trying to kill her.

So when the gorgeous DETECTIVE SENIOR SERGEANT LUCIANO GANDOLFI swaggers into her life and offers to shield her from the bullets, who is Carla to argue?

But she discovers her loved ones look very different down the barrel of a gun.

DVD Special Features
-Interviews with Producer, director Ian Watson, Vince Colosimo, Diana Glenn, Julie Eckersley and Nicole Da Silva

Carla Cametti PD