Femail's Beauty Guru - Age and Beauty

Femail's Beauty Guru - Age and Beauty


You don't have to look older than your chronological age... Many women are judged to be older than their actual age, because they are unaware of the attention good skin requires.

If you feel unattractive because you are not allowing your natural beauty to reveal itself, then it is time to take action. It is never too late to start looking after your skin, and the earlier the better - women who protect and nourish their skin reap the benefits, resulting in much younger looking, healthy skin.

If you desire your skin as an asset, then to achieve a healthy, glowing complexion, regular home skincare maintenance is one of your most important long-term investments. To maximise the benefits of your homecare, regular visits to your skincare professional will provide therapeutic assistance in your skins long-term health and well-being with specialised treatments. Makeup is designed to complement a beautiful, healthy skin - not to mask over it. So, rather than covering up complexion problems with heavy layers of makeup, start actively protecting and nourishing.

Facial massage and treatments improve skin texture and blood circulation, and reduce stress (among the long list of benefits and pleasures). Your skin is directly linked to your mind and body, so you have total control over this incredible protecitve barrier as your skin sheds and replaces itself approximately every 28 days. In addition to this, your new skeleton evolves every three months, while your liver constantly renews itself six weekly, and even more astounding is the fact that two percent of atoms in your body remain constant, while 98% are replaced within a year.

[For more information of this nature, I highly recommend reading Dr Deepak Chopra's "Quantum Healing"].

If this is the case you can alleviate and improve any skin condition by working with the mind and body as a whole.

With this way of thinking, knowing that what you are doing today is creating a pattern for you in the future, as your skin's intelligence is systematically responding to inner mechanisms and a barrage of outside forces, you are in control of the skins memory which is storing thoughts, feelings and events internally that later may manifest externally as skin conditions or problems.

Cell renewal is essential to healing, and nourishment of the skin and elimination of toxins work hand in hand to improve skin tone and texture.

The lymphatic system operates these functions, in line with defending against bacterial invasion, and working in conjunction with the digestive system, providing sustenance to the skin is through a fresh supply of blood. Skin conditions benefit greatly when lymphatic drainage is incorporated in treatments, as the body has a major network of lymphatics ensuring detoxification. Lymphatic drainage is renowned for treating conditions such as acne and proposes an additional alternative in treating skin care and skin disorders.

  • Drinking the essential 8 glasses (about 2 litres) of pure / filtered water each day is indispensable to the elimination and detoxifying process, and will aid a sluggish lymph system.

  • Eating fresh, organic food (where possible), minimising processed food, and eating a healthy balanced diet are beneficial in reducing the damage of free radicals. Vitamin supplements where nutritional needs are not being met are also advisable.

  • Relaxation of the mind and body will reflect outwardly and your complexion will respond glowingly!
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    Feeling comfortable within your skin is essential to health and well-being, so why not invest in yourself, boost your skins healing and energising through one of the professional treatments available; or relax and enjoy a regular home treatment, and take a tip from the above article links >> set some quiet time aside, light a few candles, tune into some relaxation music and do your own variation of a pampering aromatherapy facial!

    Being good to your body promises to improve the quality of skin from the inside out. Make a selfless and generous pact with yourself to maintain a fit and healthy body, and equally important, combine this with honouring your spirit - your reward is looking and feeling full of life with a healthy skin that reflects your mental, physical and spiritual health.

    Ve... enjoy this moment...

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