Barbie 50th Anniversary DVD collections

Barbie 50th Anniversary DVD collections

Presenting Three New Barbie™ Collections to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Barbie™

In celebration of Barbie® Doll's 50th Anniversary, Universal Pictures are launching all 15 ever-popular Barbie™ movies in a limited edition pink glitter carry case. Special Princess Movie and Fairy Movie box sets will also be launched. All collections will be available to own from June 3rd.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the delightful Barbie™ tales of friendshipand empowerment with these beautiful collector's items, a must-own for Barbie™fans of all ages!

Ultimate Barbie™ Collection - All 15 Movies

Celebrate 50 years of Barbie™ with the special edition UltimateBarbie™ Collection - All 15 Movies box set. Relive your favouriteBarbie™ adventures with all fifteen Barbie™ movies included in aspecial edition pink glitter carry case. Barbie™ movie classics includethe enchanting Barbie™ in A Christmas Carol, the magical Barbie™and the Diamond Castle and the fun-filled Barbie™ Mariposa™.

Barbie™ 5 Princess Movies Collection with gift

Immerse yourself in the magical Barbie™ tales of princes andprincesses with the Barbie™ 5 Princess Movies Collectionincluding a pink Barbie™ rings and bracelets gift. Enjoy the bestof Barbie™ princess stories with five classic adventures; Barbie™and The Diamond Castle, Barbie™ as The Island Princess,Barbie™ and the Magic Of Pegasus, Barbie™ as The Princess andThe Pauper and Barbie™ in The 12 Dancing Princesses.

Barbie™ 5 Fairy Movies Collection with gift

Come into an enchanting and delightful world with theBarbie™ 5 Fairy Movies Collection complete with a Barbie™rings and bracelets gift. Experience again the magic of fiveBarbie™ classics; Barbie™ Presents Thumbelina, Barbie™Mariposa, Barbie™ Magic of the Rainbow, Barbie™ Fairytopiaand Barbie™ Mermaidia.


Price Ultimate Barbie ™ Collection - All 15 Movies $159.95
Barbie ™ 5 Princess Movies Collection $49.95
Barbie ™ 5 Fairy Movies Collection $49.95

The Barbie™ 50th Anniversary collections are now available.

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