You Me and Dupree

You Me and Dupree

Starring: Owen Wilson, Kate Hudson, Matt Dillion, Michael Douglas
Genre: Comedy
Rated: M15
Running Time: 105 minutes

Meet the House Guest from Hell Randy Dupree (Owen Wilson), a wide-eyed bachelor slacker who out-stays his welcome with newlywed friends Carl and Molly (Matt Dillion and Kate Hudson). As Dupree becomes a fixture in the Peterson's home, his outrageous antics in the bathroom and bedroom ensure that three becomes not just a crowd....but a full blown hilarious catastrophe.

Review: Everyone knows a Dupree, he has no cares in the world and lives by the moment and is completely lazy. Dupree is non-committal always looking for fun, talking himself out of jobs and worming out of any responsibility.

After newlyweds Carl and Molly return from their honeymoon things hot up for Carl. His best friend Dupree arrives with no where else to go, and they reluctantly take him in. Michael Douglas (as Carl's father in law) is the showstopping of the film. He puts every effort into making Carl's work life as uncomfortable as possible, and even suggests the unthinkable.

As Carl's perfect life seems to dissapear, Dupree's prescence starts to grate on his nerves which his father in law takes advantage of pushing him over the edge. Dupree comes to the rescue and finds something he is actually good at.......friendship.