Affordable car insurance for women drivers - Online car insurance quotes

Affordable car insurance for women drivers - Online car insurance quotes

Now you can pay less for your car insurance, just because you are a Woman.

New to Australia, 1st for Women car insurance, rewards female drivers with discount car insurance rates. The company believes that women drivers have less costly claims than men, and it can therefore pass on the benefits in the form of lower car insurance premiums.

Managing Director Mike Weston explained the decision to start the brand was logical. "It's a simple case of looking at the statistics."

"Car insurance claims lodged by females generally cost less than those made by men. For example, paying out a claim for a shopping centre bingle is often less than the cost of a high speed accident.

"This isn't to say women don't have more serious car accidents, they just don't as often as men" Mr Weston said.

At 1st for Women, drivers are not charged a higher premium to cover the cost of more expensive claims.

"We pass the savings onto our customers", Mr Weston said.

If you are interested in a free car insurance quote and seeing how much money you could save, visit the 1st for Women online car insurance quote system for female drivers.

It could mean more money saved to go towards those other lifes necessities, such as shopping, beauty treatments and new hairstyles!

1st for Women car insurance forms part of the international group, Budget Holdings Ltd, which administers over 1.5 million customers worldwide with a premium income in excess of A$1 Billion annually. The group has over 20 years experience in car insurance and has been operating very successfully in the United Kingdom and South Africa. The company entered the Australian market in 1999 and now sells over 4,000 car insurance polices each week.

Summary of benefits and facts on car insurance for women


  • Obtain a free car insurance quote online
  • Car insurance claims lodged by women generally cost less
  • Obtain competitive motor car insurance services tailored for women
  • 1st for Women car insurance brokers deliver affordable car insurance rates