Taking the Quantum Leap: Floating, Franchising or Selling

Taking the Quantum Leap: Floating, Franchising or Selling
Running a business is often so all-consuming that many operators lose sight of their own potential.

Kerwin Rae, Quantum Organization NSW Regional director says that most business owners are great technicians who are good at what they do - whether it be hairdressing, accounting or plumbing - but they often overlook key strategies to ensure long-term business growth and profitability.

With small businesses accounting for a huge percentage of the wealth in the economy, it made perfect sense to tailor a business consultancy package to the needs of these powerhouse businesses. Kerwin says, "We partner with SMEs to take them to the next level of business and profit. Our goal is to be able to equip businesses with the tools we have developed to create real and lasting success from a profit perspective that can then be capitalised on through sale, franchise or float. We don't just make them more money. We also help them to define an exit strategy that is in line with their business and lifestyle goals."

With the alarming trend of many people claiming to be business experts or coaches after attending a short-course in coaching, Quantum is very deliberate about its recruitment process. Quantum consultants all have at least 10 years of hands-on business experience and must possess a solid track record as a senior executive or manager, managing director or even a CEO, CFO or elite business scholar.

Another key difference between Quantum Organization is that they won't partner with just any business. The business in contention must meet a certain criteria. Kerwin explains:
1. "They must be open to the idea of growing their business and trying things that are perhaps very different to what they see other people doing in the market place - they need to be open-minded, flexible and willing to accept advice and feedback."
2. "They must be making money and at least be profitable. It is always hard to multiply zeros. We need a budget - even a small one - in order to test new strategies."
3. They must have a good product or service and we align ourselves with people who have common ethics and morals."
4. "It helps if they are already actively marketing their business."
5. "They must be totally and utterly committed - no commitment, no success. It's as simple as that."

About the Quantum Organization:
The Quantum Organization was founded by David Abingdon in the UK in 2002. David Abingdon has taken three companies from zero to multi-million dollar success stories in under 12 months each, one of which is the Quantum Organization itself. The Quantum Organization is recognised in overseas business circles as an elite consultancy, with high power consultants working internationally. Having tripled in size in the last six months, the Quantum Organization looks to be on track for continued sustained growth. For further information about Quantum Organization, please visit www.quantumorganization.com