Woman's SmartCover

Woman's SmartCover
During September 2002, The Women's Financial Network, in conjunction with American International Assurance Co (Australia) Ltd (AIA), were pleased to launch Woman's SmartCover.

Woman's SmartCover is an insurance contract specifically designed for women and is the first insurance contract of its kind in Australia.

Woman's SmartCover provides the usual death, disablement and trauma events that a standard life insurance contract can cover. But in addition its unique Female Crisis Assistance Benefit provides a lump sum benefit for a range of female specific conditions such as:

- Carcinoma in Situ of Breast and Cervix
- Osteoporosis
- Complications of Pregnancy
- Facial Reconstuctive Surgery
- Congenital Abnormalities of Child

When you consider the following statistics on women's health you can understand why Woman's SmartCover is so important.

- 1 in 11 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime
- 1 in 143 women develop cervix cancer
- 1 in 20 children in Australia are born with a congenital abnormality
- During 2001, 65,514 Australians were hospitalised with osteoporotic fractures

Held at the Windsor Hotel, the launch was attended by representatives from women's organisations, WFN members and other guests. Keynote speaker for the event was Olympic Swimming Champion Nicole Livingstone (Stevenson). Nicole shared her experiences of her mother's battle with ovarian cancer and her work with OvCa Australia, The National Ovarian Cancer Network, an organisation she founded after the death of her mother in July 2001.

In addition to providing what will be a fantastic insurance product for women, AIA is making a financial contribution from the sale of each policy to the Breast Cancer Network Australia.

More information can be obtained about Woman's SmartCover by calling the Women's Financial Network on (03) 9486 0122.

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