Silicon Valley Start Ups

Silicon Valley Start Ups

Introducing the hilarious new card game by Mattel, Silicon Valley Start Ups.

Silicon Valley Start Ups is a new adult party game where people pitch crazy new business ideas.

Players will have to show off their most competitive and creative side in Silicon Valley Start Ups.

How would you pitch a company named "Elbow Wax" targeting BALLET DANCERS in the SPACE TRAVEL industry?

When you're done, the Investor will throw you a curve ball. 

How do DRONES factor in with your plan?


Silicon Valley Start Ups - Card Game

3-10 Players
RRP: $39.99
Stockist: Mr Toys, Toyworld



Silicon Valley Start Ups - is a new card game for creative minds with an entrepreneurial spin.  How fast can you think on your feet and what wild pitches can you make. 

Silicon Valley Start Ups is a great concept and useful tool for PR, Sales and team building days to challenge people to think outside the square.





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