Which Fashion Career is Right for you?

Which Fashion Career is Right for you?

Which Fashion Career is Right for you?

Have you always dreamed of a job in the fashion industry but are undecided on which path to take? Being a fashion designer is often one of the first careers that comes to mind when we think of a job in this fast-paced, exciting industry however, there a wide range of different career paths that could suit your individual skill set. Below is a short list of some of the more well known roles within the fashion industry along with a small description as to why they could be the dream job for you.


Fashion Merchandising

If you feel as though you are are business minded as well as highly creative then a job in fashion merchandising could be the one for you. Merchandisers are responsible for researching and monitoring both fashion and consumer trends for designers so it's important that you have a good head for processing information and numbers. The majority of merchandisers will have some kind of business degree, experience of working in a retail store and will have completed a relevant internship.


Production Management

If you have an eye for detail, are interested in how things are made and enjoy a challenge then a role in production management could be right up your alley. Production managers ensure that clothing and textiles are produced at manufacturing level. The challenge with this type of role is finding a balance between sticking to budgets whilst maintaining an acceptable level of quality. With sustainable design becoming more and more important to both designers and consumers this could be something you choose to specialise in.


Fashion Styling

Fashion styling is fast becoming another popular job role within the industry and for good reason. If you are obsessed with the next major trend, enjoy working with people and are looking for a job that will keep you on your toes then styling is definitely a job to consider. Most stylists should have a good eye for colour, knowledge of dressing different body types and also a great imagination. If you feel that you have what it takes but would like to improve your skills you could always enroll yourself in a stylist course to fine tune your expertise. Alternatively finding a relevant internship and lots of networking can put you in good stead for a career as a professional fashion stylist.


Public Relations

PR or public relations is an incredibly important aspect of the fashion industry as it links the product or brand to retailers and consumers. Many people who currently work in PR will have began their journey by gaining a degree in communications, marketing or a business related course and then proved their worth in an internship. The job of a PR rep is to maintain a brand's image, keep people talking about the brand or product and more importantly ensure the brand seems desirable to its target market.


Fashion Journalist

If you are on the more academic side of the spectrum but still adore fashion, becoming a fashion journalist could be perfect for you. A job in this sector obviously requires good writing skills but if you feel you are up to the challenge then it may be time to get yourself out there. With many companies now increasing their online presence they are often looking for writers or bloggers to help keep their readers up to date with the latest fashion news.


Hopefully the above will have given you some food for thought on your plans for the future. If you're still undecided then fear not, there are always things you can do in the meantime which could inspire you in one way or another. Apply for a job in retail or even look into courses you think could be of interest to you. The key to keeping your dream alive is to keep yourself educated about what is happening in the fashion industry. Read magazines and online blogs, attend fashion shows and event, continue to buy clothing and experiment with your personal style! Do whatever it takes to begin or continue your path to working within the fashion industry.

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