** Must See **

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Starring Janet McTeer
Best Actress Nominee 1999 Academy Awards
Rated M

They ran away from everything but each other.

If you loved Bette Midlers hit 'Beaches' you are going to adore this film.

Janet Mcteer plays Mary Jo Walker (Janet McTeer), the small town, sexy blonde, who wears her heart on her sleeve. Unfortunately this vulnerability attracts her to the 'wrong type of guy', like a moth to a flame. In her quest for love 'Mary Jo' repeatedly falls pray to losers. Fed up from her latest failed romance, she heads off on a California road trip. Taking nothing but her feisty 12 year old daughter Ava (Kimberly J. Brown) along for the ride.

This mother and daughter team, not only manage to overcome the generation gap, but literally rewrite the book on parenting. As Ava becomes increasingly frustrated, with her mothers self destructive behaviour, their relationship roles are practically reversed while Ava attempts to lead her own Mother, to self fulfilment.

Tumbleweeds, is one of those rare films that touches a cord while remaining slightly unpolished. Without a doubt, it is the raw human emotion shining through this irresistible 'Mother and daughter team' that is sure to warm any gal's heart.