Top 10 scary mobile phone trends

Top 10 scary mobile phone trends

Top 10 scary mobile phone trends from amaysim

From new games and jargon to bizarre behaviours - there's no denying mobile phones have infiltrated every part of our life. Low cost mobile service provider amaysim looks at the latest (and sometimes downright scary) trends being pioneered by mobile phone users.

"We've all got a mate that lives through their mobile phone and is probably suffering more than one of these habits. While being cap-slapped is all-too-common, it's mobile creeping that really... ummm... creeps me out," said Ged Mansour, amaysim PR & social media manager. "Keep your eye out for friends and family showing any of the below symptoms - recognise the early warning signs."

1. Nomophobia - the new diagnosis for the fear of being without your phone and the plaguing anxiety that follows

2. Mobile Gangster - the person who abbreviates their texts so much they sound like a rapper 'C U in da hood'

3. Mobile proxy shopping - the act of dialling a friend to make a purchase for you and taking them through it step by step from where it's located in the shop to the product details and price

4. Phone stacking - the new craze curbing anti-social mobile behaviour at meals that requires guests to stack their mobiles in a pile at the centre of the table, the first person to crack and reach for their phone has to pay the bill

5. Mobile amnesia - the momentary lapse of self-awareness you experience when you get distracted by your phone then can't remember what you were doing or saying before

6. Mobile creeping - the act of using your mobile to quickly look up information online about a person that is the current topic of conversation

7. Cap-slapped - the moment you open your phone bill and realise it's way over the monthly repayments you thought you'd signed up to pay

8. Phone-strong - the confidence and bravado you get during a phone conversation that makes you say things that you would not have the guts to say in person

9. Con-trapped - the dreaded feeling you get when a new phone comes out that you really really want and realise you can't get out of your current plan

10. Textalanche - the flood of text messages received when you first turn your phone on after it has been off for a long time, or when you finally get a signal

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