Thomas & Friends Three Cheers for Thomas - Peep Peep Hurray

Thomas & Friends Three Cheers for Thomas - Peep Peep Hurray
Thomas & Friends are back with over 55 minutes of non-stop new stories and fun on the beautiful island of Sodor. Brand new to DVD, 'Peep Peep Hurray' includes 7 exciting stories plus interaction sections such as 'Percy Pulls Out of the Station' and the 'Surprises' song to sing along to.


Thomas saves the day
Annie and Clarabel help Thomas with a tricky corner on his new route. So when the Fat Controller announces that Annie and Clarabel are to be refit, Thomas is worried. When a runaway train of troublesome trucks becomes loose, Thomas must navigate the bend on his own. He finds that the 'difficult bend' is not so difficult anymore.

Don't tell Thomas
The other engines are keeping a secret from Thomas. Will Thomas discover the truth? Or will he ruin the surprise?

When Thomas takes too many trucks of stinky fish at once, it just makes matters worse. When Thomas slows down, he finds things aren't as bad as they seem.

It's Halloween and Thomas and Emily are sent to the spooky smelters yard. 'Arry and Bert do their best to give them a fright - and succeed until Thomas realises that appearances can be deceptive.

Spic and Span
Thomas and Percy are competing against the biggest engines to be the smartest engine on Sodor. Their efforts to get clean are repeatedly foiled, but then the unexpected happens - Thomas and percy learn that you never know what you can achieve.

Chickens to school
Thomas volunteers to take three specials - it's tiring work but he won't accept any help. When Thomas becomes so tired that he gets his jobs all mixed up, Percy offers to help once more - this time Thomas is happy to accept.

Thomas and the Circus
Thomas is to collect the circus from Brendam clocks, but is told to share the load if there is too much to move. Thomas keeps the whole circus to himself and is soon having problems moving the huge circus. He discovers that sharing the load makes things much easier and much more fun.

Special Features:
Cargo Challenge Game

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When Thomas trys to prove himself, he learns some very valuable lessons on the joys of sharing and trying to take on more than he can handle.

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