The Tracy Anderson Method Workout DVDs

The Tracy Anderson Method
"All you have to do is put the time in and you will see results you never thought possible" - Gwyneth Paltrow
"Tracy Anderson's Method has proven to be the best exercise program for my body" - Madonna

Do you want the same knockout body as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow? Well, now you can do the exact same workout as these stars - in the comfort of your own home! Tracy Anderson, the LA based fitness sensation who keeps Hollywood's elite slim and toned, is releasing her own Fitness DVD's in Australia through Duke Home Entertainment. Combining aerobics, dance and elements of Pilates, The Tracy Anderson Method really works and is soon to be available in three hot titles - Post Pregnancy Workout, Mat Workout and Dance Cardio Workout. Find out the training secrets of the stars!

Tracy Anderson website :

About Tracy Anderson

Tracy Anderson has spent the last ten years researching and testing her unique fitness methods which combine aerobics, dance and elements of Pilates. Converts work out at her LA studio, but Tracy attributes Gwyenth Paltrow's request for her services to word of mouth. She describes her client waiting list as "ridiculous.. So what attracts her A-listers? "The results. The results are crazy. And it is great to have the publicity about what I do, because the more people I reach, the more women are going to feel great about themselves".

Tracy Anderson DVDs out:
* Post Pregnancy Workout out now
* Mat Workout available 8 Oct
* Dance Cardio Workout available 5 Nov

Runtime: 80mins / FITNESS

RRP: AU$24.95