A Strong Pelvic Floor, Inner Strength for Outer Confidence

A Strong Pelvic Floor, Inner Strength for Outer Confidence

A Strong Pelvic Floor, Inner Strength for Outer Confidence

One of the most embarrassing health issues a woman can face is urinary incontinence or bladder leakage. Just mentioning -bladder leakage' leaves many women cringing! Sufferers feel isolated, as if they are the only one with this problem, but with 1 in 3 women over the age of 35 experiencing some level of urinary incontinence, it is much more common than we would believe.

Women unashamedly and openly discuss just about anything from problems with their partners, to the minute details of childbirth, but clam up completely when discussing stress incontinence of urine. Most women are just not comfortable talking about this subject and would not openly admit that they suffer from this embarrassing condition, even to close friends and family. Now with the www.pelvicfloorexercise.com.au website, women can gain access discretely to a full range information, research and products on this delicate subject, at their convenience and in their own homes.

'For many years incontinence problems have been well-understood by a variety of health professionals who act as the first port of call. Stress incontinence affects nearly 50 per cent of women who have had children by the age of 40. It is also an established fact that 1/3 of women who develop incontinence, either have given birth by Cæsarean section, or have not had children at all.
Although many women find discussing this subject extremely confronting and embarrassing, no more do such unfortunate women, have to suffer in silence. So many times when I have challenged such patients when they've finally "fessed up" to their incontinence problem as to why they didn't tell me beforehand, they say, "I didn't think anything could be done about it". It is very important for women to discuss this topic with their doctor and there are also a wealth of information and aids available to research and review, in the privacy of their own homes," said Dr Jules Black, FRANZCOG, FRCOG (Obstetrician, Gynæcologist and Sexologist for over 35 years, best-selling author and a well respected expert in the field of Women's Health).

One of the causes of stress incontinence or bladder leakage is a weak pelvic floor, caused by childbirth, ageing, medical conditions or surgery. Humans generally lose 30 per cent of muscle strength between the ages 27 and 70 simply due to ageing, so even women who don't have a pelvic floor weakness need to exercise in order to maintain strength as they age. The pelvic floor is a large hammock of muscles attached from the front of the pubic bone to the tail end of the spine. Openings from the bladder, bowels and womb all pass through the pelvic floor, which supports the pelvic organs and helps increase sexual awareness during intercourse.

Training of the pelvic floor muscles is important for pelvic floor health, resulting in strong flexible muscles. Strong muscles can reduce incontinence during and after pregnancy, especially for first time mothers. Postnatal pelvic floor exercises are also vitally important in overcoming the pelvic floor muscles weakness that many women experience.

A valuable online resource for Australian women is the PelvicFloor Exercise™ website that provides a wealth of information and research. www.pelvicfloorexercise.com.au is Australia's only specialist pelvic floor exercise website and online store. The site provides extensive research-based information, along with reading materials, DVDs and manual exercise aids that dispel the mystery of how to do effective pelvic floor exercises.

UK documentary -Embarrassing Bodies' (as featured on Channel 9) recently featured an episode focussing entirely on pelvic floor issues. The program included a feature comparing Aquaflex weights with an electrical stimulation device and a spring exerciser. The Aquaflex trial on the program achieved an excellent 60% increase in muscle strength in just a few short weeks of use. The Aquaflex Pelvic Floor Exercise System consists of vaginal cones with adjustable weights, which use the natural force of gravity to strengthen the pelvic floor, without the need for a woman to do "squeeze and lift" pelvic floor exercises. The Aquaflex is a user-friendly, effective option, available to order along with many other pelvic exercisers on the PelvicFloor Exercise™ website.

The www.pelvicfloorexercise.com.au website is the definitive guide for Pelvic Floor Exercise information, research and products.