FITlosophy and Never Diet Again

FITlosophy and Never Diet Again

FITlosophy and Never Diet Again

Husband and wife fitness experts and bestselling authors Sharny and Julius say "Fat people are like welfare bludgers. 99% of them don't need the help, don't need the pity. But because it's so freely available, so many choices and so much 'sensitivity' they sit dormant, sucking the life out of the people around them, their only purpose to consume and complain".

Sharny and Julius have sold 40,000 copies of their FITlosophy book that is motivational, inspirational and educational. Their book is NOT for fat or lazy people!

"We're sick of fat people moaning and groaning about their lot in life. We like fit people. We write for fit people who are leaders. It's not wrong to be fit or to exercise!" Say Sharny and Julius.

Their book FITlosophy shares thought provoking philosophies and prophecies through powerful parables.

Renegade fitness experts Sharny and Julius shot to stardom very quickly when their first book, Never Diet Again was released to the public in June 2011. The book was an adaptation of their step by step escape the diet trap program they created for their private clients. So successful was the program in changing people's lives that the clients literally begged Sharny and Julius to make it into a book, which would be more accessible to friends and relatives overseas.

After the release of Never Diet Again, the couple realised that while very successful, it was just another weight loss solution in a sea of thousands, if not millions of solutions. But people as a whole were still getting 'fatter and sicker".

After much soul searching and deliberation, they decided that losing weight wasn't the problem. The motivation for losing weight was the problem. Fat and unhealthy was the norm; healthy, athletic people were the minority. The word -fat' had become offensive. Exercise was too much of a chore.

That's when they decided to write the book FITlosophy. In their words, it is 'a collection of parables for athletes". But after consuming it, readers agree that it is far more than that. It is a profound set of philosophical viewpoints that cut right to the heart of the human condition. Brutally honest, courageous, confronting, and often humorous, the stories told in this book reveal a part of the human psyche readers didn't even know was there. FITlosophy will sit with the reader for a long time after the words have actually been read.

In January 2012, they collaborated with renowned artist Ayesha Henderson to create a children's book that had 'beautiful bright pictures and an easy to read, but important message that they could share with their kids". Where Have All The Pixies Gone? was released in October 2012.

At the time of publication, Sharny and Julius are writing the sequel to FITlosophy, which promises to be their magnum opus, their 'greatest gift to humanity". They are regulars on daytime TV, radio and newspapers in their home country of Australia.

Authors: Sharny and Julius
ISBN: 9781479316854

Interview with Julius

Question: What inspired you to write FITlosophy?

Julius: The first book we wrote was called Never Diet Again and that featured a program that we did for our clients which was very successful and we were asked to put it into a book, so we did that.

What tends to happen when people start losing weight is that their husband, friend at work or whoever will jeopardise them by saying 'come on, live a little, and have a cookie". We get told on Facebook, daily, that workmates have said that they will 'tie them down and feed them" because 'they're too skinny" or they call them a 'bitch". What we wrote in FITlosophy was for those people, it's meant to inspire them to keep going especially because if they turn around to try and help those other people they will get dragged back in and the best way for them to help others is to lead from the front and inspire.

Question: What will feature in FITlosophy 2?

Julius: FITlosophy 2 is going to be a little bit more intense because I think that FITlosophy was so different and blunt that it's only about half of what we really want to say about things. We're going to look into the things that people are now prepared for because they know the way we think and they don't just think we're a pack of bigoted idiots. We've got a list of about forty different chapters that we want to write and we will narrow them down to 14 or 15 really good ones, eliminating those that are not impacting.

Question: Do you feel that those who need to understand the most seem to take offense to you writing and comments?

Julius: Yes, people take offense to what we're saying because they don't understand.

We train athletes and we've been slammed for only training athletes but we say anyone who trains with us is an athlete, that's the first step.

Question: Can you talk us through a typical days exercise, for you?

Julius: Sharny and I have four kids. I wake up at 2am in the morning and I do a lot of writing then because it's the only time I have quiet. We've got a 12 week old so Sharny is up all night feeding him and gets up at 6am or 7am; we then play with the kids. At 7:30am one of our clients brings her kids in and the kids all play together so we can get a little bit of work done then. We then work through to 12pm while the Nanny is in, helping the kids. From 12pm – 2pm we exercise and then from 2pm – 4pm it's kid time, we don't do anything else but be with our four kids then. Then, it's dinner time and we'll see some night clients whilst the kids are in bed. We'll then watch a little TV before going to bed.

Question: What are your tips for parents to motivate them to find time to exercise in their daily routine?

Julius: We have just finished writing an eBook called Fat Kids: 12 Tips To Help Your Kid Lose Weight and it's about beating the obesity epidemic and this is touched on in that book.

The first thing is that parenting is tough, but you chose to be a parent so stop acting like a victim of it, you did this to yourself so you can fix it yourself. There are plenty of parents out there who are healthy, fit and they are managing to do it so you can too. If you are a fit and healthy parent then you need to let other people know, you need to be inspiring – that is the whole point because you cannot push people from behind but we can lead them through inspiration.

When it comes to tips I believe it's important to plan out your day, plan out weeks in advance what you're going to have because you don't need to have a huge variety. You should always have food to eat so you're not caught out. You don't need to exercise for an hour or book it in; you just need to exercise if you have 5 or 10 minutes and go for intensity which is more beneficial than duration.

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Interview by Brooke Hunter