Strength Training for the over 50s

Strength Training for the over 50s

Strength Training for the over 50s

We inevitably age as life goes on, but is it possible to reverse the ageing process? Every year more and more medical advances are ensuring longer life expectancies, far beyond that of our ancestors, causing us to reassess the way we look after ourselves.

More doctors and fitness experts are recommending strength training for patients and clients, to help prevent age-related deterioration in muscle, bone density and metabolism. Strength training is also beneficial in reducing risk of injury, increasing strength and helping with managing weight and prevent back pain, arthritic discomfort, diabetes, osteoporosis and high blood pressure.

When fitness trainer John Forde was employed in an aged care facility, he realised the benefits of encouraging and maintaining strength and fitness in the elderly. An increase in strength helped with everyday life for the ages, making it easier to carry the shopping, attend to their gardening and enjoying recreational activities.

John decided to write Strength Training for the Over 59s to encourage individuals to seek a healthier lifestyle by learning new ways to maintain their mobility and independence well into their later years. Specifically, he draws attention to various disease and conditions which are common among people over 50, as well as outlining a home workout regime in strength training from beginner to advanced levels, so that people can maintain their fitness levels.

John Forde grew up in country Victoria. He always had a passion for fitness and being social, whether it was playing footy with his mates, lifting weights with his dad, or proving he was the strongest out of all eight siblings! John went on to study gym instruction and personal training, including undertaking specialist sin training children and older adults. He has worked in ages care and community health, and now lectures in fitness, as well as running a health and fitness store.

John has appeared in newspapers and on television and radio promoting family health and fitness.

Strength Training for the over 50s
The Five Mile Press
Author: John Forde
ISBN: 9781742480473
Price: $24.95