The Princess of Wales Musical & Pictorial Memoir

The Princess of Wales Musical & Pictorial Memoir

By Carlin: A Contemporary Composer of Royal Orchestral Soundtracks

'The Princess of Wales - Musical & Pictorial Memoir' is a collection of original works composed between 1999 and 2004 by Gold Coast musician Carlin. Each piece was carefully selected to accompany a specific licensed photograph of the Princess, reflecting the emotion of each image.

The sequence of photos and musical soundtracks mirror the prominent event in the life of the Princess of Wales from her Coronation to her flight from the paparazzi on 31 August 1997.

Carlin's memoir to the Princess is released as we approach the ten year anniversary of the daythat left the world in a shower of tears.

"Like many people, I have always been fascinated by British Royalty. But when Lady Diana Spencer entered the scene in 1980 my interest in the Royal Family rose to a new level."

"A few years ago I was approached by a record company to submit my music to them for a Tribute to Princess Diana that they were starting to produce. After learning more about that record company I decided not to proceed with them because I wanted certainty that the album would be produced to a standard befitting of royalty and that the album would not offend The Prince of Wales. In 2004 I began to produce my own Princess of Wales Memoir ensuring the highest quality of production and a more dignified presentation. I also felt that Prince William and Prince Harry should have the opportunity to see my Memoir to their Mother and to hear my music before it was released."

"I searched globally for a manufacturer that could produce a high quality leather bound, goil foil embossed photo album the size of a CD package. We reviewed hundreds of photos of the Princess for the album to find shots that related to each of my soundtracks. Each photo and sound track were carefully matched to re-create the major events in the life of the Princess of Wales. The album starts with a fanfare of triumphant music and photos, then progresses through the emotional stages of Diana's life, full of Turbulent Times, a Flight from the Paparazzi and a Farewell to the Princess."

After extensive consideration and numerous revisions the final product was presented to the sons of the late Princess of Wales, Prince William and Prince Harry at their home, Clarence House in London, fulfilling Carlin's wish to have the product reviewed by the Princes. A letter from the Prince of Wales' Private Secretary states that the Princes were "extremely touched by Mr. Carlin's tribute to their Mother." For Carlin, The Princess of Wales - Musical & Pictorial Memoir is the latest phase of a musical adventure that started as a six-year-old. The son of a symphony arranger and composer, Carlin's childhood was characterized by an immersion in music. He began playing the cello at age six and could write musical scores by eight. Flute and piano lessons followed, and by the time he was ten, the young virtuoso was skilled on eight different instruments.

An early career in rock music ensued before Carlin left the music industry for several years to pursue his business interests, which took him around the globe from owning restaurants and property development companies to sitting on boards of directors with some of the world's most influential people. He returned to composing music in 1999, and to begin recording his works with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Christchurch Symphony.

"It was an overwhelming experience to walk onto the stage and hear seventy of New Zealand's finest musicians playing my compositions. The air was filled with dynamic and powerful sounds - music that had originated through my fingertips at the piano."

"My first album "The Quest" was released in New Zealand in 2001. That album sold just below gold record status. I was a single father at that time raising my 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter. I decided not to release that album into countries other than New Zealand so that I could stay in New Zealand to look after my young children. The children are now teenagers, which is allowing me to pursue a world wide release of my music for the first time."

"In New Zealand I have performed in the Grand Ballroom of Parliament, toured and performed in the major cities of New Zealand with Art Garfunkel, and also organised and performed in an outdoor concert to raise money for charities. Much of the money made from my performances and music is donated to charities such as the Royal Plunket Society and for various children's charities".

"Originally I performed in rock bands. Now I find composing music for full orchestras a challenge. When performing rock music the intent was to get people on their feet to dance. When performing my orchestral soundtracks, drawing a tear from my audience is the greatest reward."

Carlin began work on The Princess of Wales - Musical & Pictorial Memoir in 2004, spending years ensuring the quality and dignity of the project.

Initial post production was completed in Wellington, where Carlin contended with the unique idiosyncrasies of orchestral recording.

"It's quite a challenge," he says. "Orchestras have to be recorded live, through open microphones. We had 54 very sensitive microphones set up on stage and in that environment even the slightest toe tap can sound explosive."

The mixing and mastering began in Hollywood, where Carlin worked with legendary audio engineer, Shawn Murphy (mixer of scores for over 200 films, including Braveheart, Star Wars, Titanic and Saving Private Ryan). The final digital master was recently produced with the latest technology to a very high audio standard at the ChapelKensington Studios in London.

The album has been licenced around the world to over 83 countries worldwide.

Carlin is very pleased to be in a position to offer donations to charitable trusts through the sales of the album 'The Princess of Wales - Musical & Pictorial Memoir' is out now through Rajon Music.

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