The Food Patrol's Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days

The Food Patrol's Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days

The Food Patrol's Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days

Do you want to lose weight but lack the motivation? Want to increase your energy levels and get fitter?

The Food Patrol has helped thousands of people to achieve their goal of transforming their physical bodies.

This book presents you with a powerful, yet simple system that will help reshape your body into a masterpiece in as little as 90 days. Whether you want to lose 5 or 50 kilos, you won't go hungry. You'll also increase your energy levels and achieve a physique to be proud of.

A 'must read' for anyone that desires to attain complete control over their physical appearance for life!

Taste Bud 'Rehabilitation'
Conquer this, and you will be in complete control of your weight for the rest of your life!

There is absolutely no doubt that one of the most common reasons we are attracted and drawn to foods high in fat, sugars and salt, is that they satisfy our addictive nature when it comes to our 'current taste levels'.

Think about this; what would you eat if you did not have taste buds, and everything tasted exactly the same?

Would you eat what your body required for maximum health and leanness, or would consume the same foods you do now, even though they produced weight gain and ill health?

It is obvious that if 'taste' was not an issue, then you would 'always' only consume appropriate foods that induced the type of body and health you wish to acquire. The problem however is, that "WE DO have taste buds", and the cravings that are needed to maintain our current addictions to inappropriate foods, overwhelm our desire to consume what is needed by our bodies to achieve our goals.

Luckily for us, our taste buds can be 'rehabilitated' so everything we consume always tastes fantastic. Once this is achieved, "You will be in complete control of your weight, for the rest of your life". This is of course achieved by persevering with our prescribed foods and cooking procedures for a prolonged period of time. It usually takes about 2-4 weeks for the 'rehabilitation' process to kick in, and for your 'perception' what tastes good to change.

The simple diagram below is a great way to understand the Food Patrol's 'taste bud rehabilitation' concept.

Most overweight Food Patrol 'New Recruits' that take up our eating plan, usually start at "taste bud level 10". This level displays massive addiction to foods saturated in fats, sugars and salts. If you are at this level, then all foods below this line may taste bland, and you will use words like 'gag' or 'boring' to describe your experience in regards to their consumption.

If however your taste buds are at 'level 5' you will enjoy the taste of many of the foods described in this book.

Your absolute 'Number One' goal throughout this challenge is to take your 'taste bud levels' down to 'level 1' as quickly as possible, so everything you consume thereafter tastes absolutely fantastic. I understand that this process will not be easy, as breaking any addiction usually induces anger, denial and in many cases aggression and irritation. I have had the pleasure of seeing thousands of people go through this process, and even though it can be quite overwhelming during the first 2-4 weeks, the reward thereafter is euphoric. To have complete control what you introduce into your mouth is nothing short of complete and total liberation.

Many participants that take their taste bud levels down to 'level 1', often feel overwhelmingly disgusted, and in many cases sick, when they finally indulge in their 'foods of choice' on their first "Food Day Off' in week 4.

Beware of re-offending
Even though many Participants achieve fantastic results in their Food Patrol "90 Day Body SuperChallenge", occasionally a small minority slip back into old habits and re-commence consuming the same foods that got them over-fat in the first place. This of course increases their taste bud levels back to a 'level 10', and suddenly everything that tasted phenomenal during their challenge, starts to taste inedible and bland once again.

In this instance, the 'taste bud rehabilitation' process needs to be re-introduced by going through the same procedure and sticking to the "Bulls Eye" meal selections for a 2-4 week period.

If you do not want to yo-yo this process, I suggest that you undertake the "Food Patrol maintenance cycle" straight after completing your challenge, and enjoy the best of both worlds whilst maintaining your new found lean and healthy physique.

I firmly believe that 'taste bud rehabilitation' is one of the most important phases of the Food Patrol program. By removing the addiction for salt, oil & sugar, your weight will always remain where YOU want it, and not where your tastebuds take it!

The Food Patrol's Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 Days
Author: George Taousanis
ISBN: 9780980876017
Price: $38.95

Interview with George Taousanis

Question: What is The Food Patrol simple system?

George Taousanis: The Food Patrol eating plan promotes regular meals and snacks throughout the day to ensure that participants of the program are always full. The eating plan requires Participants to combine the following macronutrients to create the perfect Food Patrol "Bulls Eye Meal" - for accelerated fat Loss:
One portion of protein.
One portion of Low GI, High energy, Carbs.
Unlimited salad or vegies.

1.Food Patrol "Bulls Eye Meals" are both quick and easy to prepare. The timing of meals and snacks are as follows:
2.Meal > 3 hours > Snack > 2 hours > Meal > 3 hours > Snack > 2 hours - This process is continued throughout all waking hours. Last meal should be consumed 4 hours prior to sleep.
3.The Food Patrol is one of the few, if not only weight loss programs that individualise serving sizes to suit each participant depending on their individual circumstances (gender, metabolism, weight, exercise type/frequency and lifestyle habits). An individual's hunger pangs are predominately used to determine the size of meals. Participants have no need to be inconvenienced by counting calories or weighing their foods.
4.The Food Patrol incorporate a fun component to the weight loss process by randomly raiding Participants at home or work, inspecting food diaries, fridge, bins etc. This also dramatically increases accountability for participants involved in this process.
5.By promoting the consumption of more of the 'Right foods' rather than less of the "Wrong foods", the Food Patrol has created a situation where Participants of the program do not go hungry, due to the fact that they can eat large amounts of food whilst simultaneously reducing their weight. This eliminates the number one reason why most weight loss eating plans fail.

Question: How does The Food Patrol increase energy levels?

George Taousanis: Food Patrol "Bulls Eye Meals" are easily digested due to their simple nature and natural food composition.
By eating smaller meals more regularly, rather than larger meals less often, our energy levels remain stable and consistent throughout the day.
By reducing the amount of processed foods we consume, we not only detoxify our systems and reduce the load placed on our liver, but we tend to function more efficiently both mentally and physically.
Low GI Carbohydrates allow us to have a constant flow of energy, whereas Hi GI carbohydrates promote a surge of energy followed by a sharp withdrawal of energy. This creates both tiredness and constant cravings for sugars.

Question: What different types of advice does The Food Patrol provide?

George Taousanis: The Food Patrol strongly believes that once participants conquer the "Taste Bud Rehabilitation Process" they immediately attain complete control over the foods they consume. They are longer drawn to foods that are saturated in oils, sugars and fats and they learn to appreciate and enjoy the natural flavours found in un-processed foods. Attached is a write-up explaining The Food Patrol's "Taste Bud Rehabilitation" process as described in the Food Patrol's "Secret to Maximum Fat Loss" book.

Question: What happens after 90 days?

George Taousanis: Once Food Patrol Participants achieve their desired goals they slip into The Food Patrol's "Maintenance Phase" of the program. They follow the Food Patrol's "10 Golden Laws for Maintenance" and adopt an attainable lifestyle pattern which allows for them to maintain their new found physique indefinitely.

One of the "Golden Laws" allows participants to consume five "Off Meals" per week. These meals can be spread throughout the week and can consist of anything they desire, including cheese cake, pizza, etc.

Question: What forms of exercise do you suggest for those who want to lose weight?

George Taousanis: The Food Patrol strongly believes that at least 80% of the weight loss process is directly related to the types of food we consume on a day to day basis. Many Participants shed huge amounts of weight by implementing "ONLY" the food component of the Food Patrol program.

In saying this however, when Participants combine both resistance and cardio type exercises into their 90 day regime, they not only dramatically increase the speed at which they achieve their results, but they also attain more of a body transformation rather than just weight loss.

The Food Patrol's "Secret to Maximum Fat Loss in 90 days" book has a chapter dedicated to describing the various forms of exercises that promote 'MAXIMUM' Fat Loss and transformation within the 90 days.

Question: Can you talk us through a typical days diet, for you?

George Taousanis: The Food Patrol suggest that participants consume a diverse variety of foods throughout the 90 days to ensure that they incorporate all the various vitamins, minerals, proteins and fats that are required for maximum health and well being. A typical eating schedule for one day could be as follows:
Meal 1: Egg white omelette > wholemeal toast > mixed salad.
Snack: Food Patrol UBT Formula shake or small tub of natural low fat yoghurt.
Meal 2: Lean steak > serving of basmati rice > mixed vegetables.
Snack: Food Patrol UBT Formula shake or small tub of low fat cottage cheese.
Meal 3: Grilled fish > serving of brown rice > mixed vegetables.
Snack: Food Patrol UBT Formula shake or small tub of natural low fat yogurt.

Interview by Brooke Hunter