The Fertility Diet

The Fertility Diet

Maximising your chances of having a baby at any age!

according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average age in 2006 for couples getting married was between 29-30, compared to the 1950s where the average age was 22-25. Men and women of Australia in the 21st century are leaving it later to tie the knot.

As a result, couples are leaving it later before they start a family. One of the negatives of this shift is that doctors are telling us that by doing this, fertility for both men and women is decreased significantly, making the success rate of conception much less.

Expert nutritionist Sarah Dobbyn, author of The Fertility Diet, believes that biological and chronological age has little effect on the chances of fertility.

'If your body believes you are young and healthy enough to have a baby, no matter how old you are, you will be able to conceive a child'.

An antidote to the infertility scare campaign felt by women over 30 is The Fertility Diet. An inspiration for women in their 30s, 40s and beyond who are trying to conceive. This is a comprehensive guide that has everything you need to know, from what to eat and avoid eating, to getting pregnant naturally and maintaining peak health and fertility.

Based on a low glycaemic diet with a heavy emphasis on raw foods and vegetables, The Fertility Diet includes helpful information on:

  • common fertility blockers
  • diet tips and recipes
  • detoxing and healthy living
  • ovulation
  • the best positions for contraception

    The Fertility Diet will give readers everything they need to know about staying as fertile and sexually charged for as long as possible, with suggestions for immediate steps you can take today to maximise your chances of conceiving the old-fashion way.

    The Fertility Diet
    Simon and Schuster Australia
    Author: Sarah Dobbyn
    ISBN: 9781847372000
    RRP: $34.95

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