Viva la Vulva healing perineal spray

Viva la Vulva healing perineal spray
Let's be real, childbirth can be an emotional & exhausting experience, especially when you throw a global pandemic in the mix! Cue Viva La Vulva, an all-natural, healing perineal spray that eases the discomfort of postpartum vaginal swelling, soreness and tears that can occur during childbirth. 

Viva La Vulva, has launched to the market as the perfect gift for mamas-to-be to support them during those first special weeks. 

Made from Mother Earth, Viva La Vulva, is naturally restorative, ideal for use on cuts, tears, and wounds of any kind, but more importantly is the fairy godmother of vaginal healing with its soothing and cooling effects. 

The key ingredients in Viva La Vulva are Hypericum (St.Johns Wort) and Calendula (Marigold), proven to have natural healing properties to protect and soothe even the most sensitive areas. With an easy DIY application new mums can spray on pads or directly onto the vagina, providing optimum relief after being kept cool in the fridge.

"We are continuing the conversation about female empowerment, by celebrating the vagina and openly discussing what happens to a woman during childbirth and postpartum recovery. There aren't any products in the Australian & NZ markets as bold as Viva La Vulva, embodying such a powerful message for all expecting mothers. Our postpartum healing spray is a must have for every mama and makes the perfect gift for all mamas-to-be," says Founder, Stevie Kate. 



Viva La Vulva Healing Spray Kit - RRP $39.00 

For every Viva La Vulva spray purchased, $1.00 is donated to The Neonatal Trust, supporting families in NICU.



"Viva La Vulva, my vagina cannot thank you enough. After quite a horrid first birth recovery, I knew I wanted something to assist second time round. Finding your product was such a blessing. Following instructions I popped it into the fridge and even prepared some frozen pads. WOW just wow. My tearing was worse but seriously the recovery was 1000x better thanks to this. It was so soothing and combined with the healing benefits of hypercal. My vagina is forever grateful. I recommend this to all new mums and mums to be." Mel, second time mama of Ava & Bodhi. 

The postpartum period is hard enough without having to worry about your vagina and any tears that you've sustained! Absolutely loved the cooling feeling the spray provided after a night in the fridge. Really easy to make up and to use. Loved the natural products that you've used. 'd recommend to my friends and as a registered midwife I would encourage women to try this also. Awesome product to aid with healing but to also make you feel a little bit better in a sometimes very challenging period of life." Sarah, first time mama & registered midwife. 

For a c-section too... 
"I was all ready for taking care of down there with my Viva La Vulva Healing Spray & frozen pads, but alas our baby boy had other plans that ended in a cesarean. I was then so happy to find out that I could still use my Viva spray on my incision to help with the healing.I used it from a week post surgery, after removing the dressings. It never stung and was nice to do after each fragile shower, where you're feeling like your insides might fall out. Love that a Viva adds some fun and MAMA LOVE to this emotional, wonderful, terrifying, amazing, ouchie period of life. Hope I get to use it on my actual V one day! From 6 weeks postpartum, THANK YOU XO" Amelia, first time mama of Milo.



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