The Beaver DVD

The Beaver DVD

The Beaver DVD

Cast: Jodie Foster, Mel Gibson, Jennifer Lawrence Anton Yelchin
Director: Jodie Foster
Genre: Drama
Rated: M
Running Time: 87 minutes

The Beaver appears to be his saviour and things in Walters's life finally begin to change for the better.

But Walter's ultimate emotional struggle proves to be the choice between the Beaver or coming back to reality as himself.

As Walters's depression progressively worsens, family dynamics deteriorate and Meredith finally asks him to leave the family home. Laden with alcohol, Walter has every intention of committing suicide, but then a very strange thing happens.

Walter (Mel Gibson) runs a toy company that is on a downward spiral. Life at home with wife Meredith (Jodie Foster) and two boys Porter (Anton Yelchin) and Henry (Riley Thomas Stewart) is anything less than rosy. His family and professional life are both suffering as a result of the deep depression that looms over him.

His son Porter hates him, keeping post-it note records of all the traits that he dislikes in Walter. At school, Porter ghost-writes assignments for money. When the beautiful but troubled Norah (Jennifer Lawrence) approaches him to write her Valedictory speech, an interesting friendship develops, but is tested by problems at home.

Special Features:
Audio Commentary
Deleted Scenes with optional Audio Commentary by Jodie Foster
Everything's going to be O.K - featurette
PSA Whale - video

The Beaver