Thank God You're Here

Thank God You're Here

The most fun you can have opening a door at home!

It's one of the highest rating programs on television this year...
It goes where no other show has dared to go before....
It revels in putting its guests in the awkward, uncomfortable but ultimately hilarious situations....

For the first side-splitting time on DVD, enjoy the antics as some of Australia's best-loved personalities walk through the door into the unknown as they open the door on the best bull@$#*ting experience you will ever see!

It took Australian's by storm when it premiered on television, so sit back and prepare to re-visit hours worth of laugh-out-loud comedy and improvisation with 'Thank God You're Here: the Complete Series One'.

Created by Working Dog, who bought you such gems as 'The Castle' and 'Frontline' and Boasting guests including Fifi Box, Glenn Robbins, Bob Franklin, Hamish Blake, Kate Langbroek, Peter Rowsthorn and Shaun Micallef, 'Thank God You're Here' pushes each guest out of their comfort zone, with no script and no rehearsal, and basically tests their skills to think, lie and deceive on their feet!

And if the 10 laugh-a-minute episodes weren't enough, there's a host of special features, exclusive to DVD and never before seen on TV:

  • Behind the scenes Documentary
  • Unscreened Highlights
  • A vintage Frank Woodley performance from the pilot
  • Plus 'A Thank God You're Here' Game the creators invented so you can play it at home with friends.

    It's witty, it's hilarious, it's unique and its available in a 3-disc DVD box set for $49.95.

    Review: Hard to think of Christmas presents just got a whole lot easier.

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