Take 2

Take 2

Take 2

A new fast thinking word game created by a local builder fed up with traditional slow moving board games has become a quiet hit amongst people in the know.

Called Take 2, it's a game that combines the fun and race of competitive card games with the brain teasing power of crosswords. Best of all it can be played by anyone from those just learning to spell to people with decades of practice.

Take 2 is all about speed and quick thinking, with an average round taking less than 20 minutes. Comprising 120 different letter tiles each with different values and all packed in a compact box, Take 2 is perfect for taking on holidays as it can be played anywhere with a flat surface.

The goal of Take 2 is to be the first to use all your letter tiles to create words in a 'crossword' style, at which point you can ask players to 'Take 2' letters until all tiles have been used. The player who uses all their tiles first, calls finish and will win the round having a zero score.

Game developer, Martin Rodenberg said that the idea for the game came one night with a group of friends playing a well known word based board game. "We wanted to have a faster option that meant more time enjoying the game and less time checking the rules and waiting for a turn" Martin said.

Sold primarily online, Take 2 has been popular with people of all ages. Martin's wife, a Primary school teacher, introduced the game to her class and it has been quickly embraced by the school community. "One of my biggest customers is an elderly lady in rural NSW who has bought dozens of the game," he said.

Martin said that it's also a great game when you have a few drinks with friends as it can get extremely raucous and competitive.

Take 2 retails for $30 and is available for purchase online at www.take2thegame.com.au