Snakes on a Plane DVD

Snakes on a Plane DVD

Starring: Samuel L Jackson, Sean Jones, Julianna Margulies, Rachel Blanchard, lots of snakes
Genre: Adventure/Thriller
Rated: M
Running Time: 105 mins

Sean Jones (Wolf Creek's Nathan Phillips) is in protective custody after witnessing the murder of a prosecutor in Hawaii by a powerful mobster. He is escorted by FBI agent Nevill Flynn (Samuel L. Jackson) for his flight back to LA and in order to protect him, Flynn takes over the entire First Class section of Pacific Air Flight 121. Jones is watched and carefully protected until mid-flight. Then the unspeakable, yet somehow predictable, happens....

An assassin hired by the Mafia unloads a box full of venomous and crazed snakes into the airplane. The snakes were given pheromones that cause them to go on a killing rampage through the airplane. The result is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride with sssenational performances by both Samuel Jackson and his sssithering co-stars.

Special Features:
Feature Commentary
Gag Reel (w/commentary)
Deleted/Extended Scenes;

  • Waiting at the Gate
  • Eddie Kim Spars
  • Boarding
  • Three G's and Mercedes
  • Agent Flynn and Claire

    Sunny Mabrey Interview for Snakes on a Plane
    Interview with Samuel L Jackson Interview for Snakes on a Plane

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