Simpsons Season 5

Simpsons Season 5


Season 5 features many of The Simpsons' finest moments - see Grampa and Mr. Burns wooing Marge's mom, Homer eating potato chips in outer space, Lisa inventing the Lisa Lionheart doll, Bart getting an elephant, Marge going on the lam, and Maggie beginning her lifelong feud with the One-Eyebrowed Baby. Sideshow Bob explains that his "Die, Bart, Die" tattoo is actually just German for "The, Bart, The"; The Ramones play at Mr. Burns's birthday party and don't miss the historic first appearance of Cletus, the Slack-Jawed Yokel!

Join all your favourite characters along with some of the lesser known favourites - Bumblebee Man, Apu, Milhouse, Dr. Hibbert, Mrs. Krabappel, Principal Skinner, Kent Brockman, Rod and Todd Flanders, Itchy & Scratchy, Comic Book Guy, Moe, and Ralph Wiggum and many more!

The fifth season also feature a host of special guest stars including James Brown, George Harrison, Albert Brooks, David Crosby, Kathleen Turner, Kelsey Grammer, Werner Klemperer, Pamela Reed, Gerry Cooney, Sam Neill, Ernest Borgnine, Robert Goulet, James Taylor, James Woods, Michelle Pfeiffer, Buzz Aldrin, and former Simpsons writer/producer Conan O'Brien.

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Special features:

  • Audio commentaries
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Multi-Angle Animation Showcases
  • Animatic Footage, Tv Spots and more!

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