Shannan Ponton Stadium Stomp Interview

Shannan Ponton Stadium Stomp Interview

Shannan Ponton Stadium Stomp Interview

Step. Sweat. Smile. Australia's ultimate stair climbing challenge, Stadium Stomp is coming to Australia's iconic sporting stadiums again this winter.

Sunday 18 June – Sunday 30 July.

Stadium Stomp is a fun and unique fitness challenge, setting participants on a stair climbing course up, down around the bays of Australia's iconic sporting stadiums – the MCG, Adelaide Oval, the SCG and the Gabba.

The 2017 event series kicks off at the MCG, the original home of Stadium Stomp, where participants of all fitness levels will be challenged to complete a course of over 7,300 stairs to music, in this truly unique event. This will be followed by three subsequent events at some of the country's most-loved sporting venues:

Adelaide Oval – Sunday 9 July (6,000 stairs)
Sydney's SCG (and Allianz Stadium) – Sunday 16 July (6,300 stairs)
Brisbane's Gabba – Sunday 30 July (5,000 stairs)

New event categories have been introduced this year at the request of our Stompers. All events now have a Stomp Unlimited category for those wanting an extreme challenge. Here, participants can stomp as many times as they dare from the first wave time til the last. This is not for the faint hearted and places are strictly limited.

Stadium Stomp MCG also has a new Junior Stomp category on offer for children aged 5-12 years to complete the short course of 1890 stairs with their family and friends.

'We want everyone to experience Stadium Stomp and reap the benefits of leading an active, healthy lifestyle. The introduction of Junior Stomp at the MCG encourages families to get out and exercise together, all whilst having a great time," says event organiser, Ben King.

All participants will receive access to our new Get Stomp Fit, 5-week training program developed by PT extraordinaire Shannan Ponton, specifically to get them ready for this epic stair climbing challenge. Shannan has taken on the role of Fitness Coach for the Stadium Stomp series and as well as providing training tips and advice, will participate in Stadium Stomp SCG on Sunday 16 July with a team of stompers.

The event series supports official Charity Partner, the Leukaemia Foundation and participants are encouraged to make every step count and fundraise for this amazing charity, or a cause close to their heart.

King, stresses Stadium Stomp is not a race but a test of determination that's open to participants of all fitness levels. 'If you're looking for a fitness challenge with a difference, one that you can do on your own, or with friends and family, Stadium Stomp is your answer."

Stadium Stomp is an Australian concept, owned and operated by an Australian family business. There's nothing else like it out there on the world stage.

About Stadium Stomp

How it works

Participants are set on a stair climbing course to music, up, down and around the bays of the venue's grandstands before running a lap of the ground to finish. The course is expected to take anywhere from 45-120 minutes to complete, depending on the venue and participant fitness levels.

Anyone 12 years and older can enter individually or as part of a team and participants can choose their preferred start time when registering.

With the MCG having the most stairs on course, there is also a short course option (1890 stairs) for this event. Children aged 5-12 can enter the Junior Stomp category and complete the short course at the MCG with an adult.

Staggered start times from 7am (Gabba) and 8am (others) ensure the stairs don't become congested. Participants in each wave are encouraged to join in a group warm up led by a qualified fitness instructor before stepping up to the challenge.

Friends, family and supporters are encouraged to attend the event - spectators can view the whole event from the grandstands free of charge. It's a great day out.

Why do it?

There aren't many people in Australia who haven't been to one of these stadiums to watch a game and cheered from the stands. Now they can experience these iconic stadiums in a unique way and become an active participant rather than the traditional spectator.

If you need a fitness reason, stair climbing is an excellent way to build cardiorespiratory endurance and lower-body muscular endurance and strength.

Climbing a flight of stairs (ten steps) is the equivalent calorie burn of taking 38 steps on level ground, so it's almost four times as beneficial to take the stairs.

What it costs

Stadium Stomp costs vary according to the venue and course with prices starting from $50 for the MCG's short course ($30 for Juniors), $60 for the GABBA, $65 for the SCG and Adelaide Oval and $80 for the MCG's full course.

Register online at and nominate your preferred charity to fundraise for (optional) at the same time.

All entrants will receive Shannan Ponton's 5-week Get Stomp Fit training program, a Stadium Stomp finishers medallion, access to Stadium Stomp exhibitor stands, free post-event massage service and more.

Plus, there's also the pride in having finished an epic stair climb at one of Australia's most iconic sporting stadiums.

Interview with Shannan Ponton

Question: What are the health and fitness benefits of stairclimbing?

Shannan Ponton: Stair climbing offers all the cardio vascular, fitness benefits as jogging and walking with less impact through your body. It's a great way to get your heart pumping without pounding your joints. The increased movement through your hip and knee joints utilizes the big muscles of the legs and back-side, which require plenty of energy to fire, and burn plenty of calories. This increased range, of a functional movement, will also tone and strengthen the muscles of the core and lower body.

Question: How can we train to participate in Stadium Stomp?

Shannan Ponton: I've prepared a specialized 5 week training and preparation program for the event. It's got everything you'll need to be STOMP ready and caters to all levels of fitness. Jump online and get your personal copy today.

Question: Can you tell us about the Get Stomp Fit program?

Shannan Ponton: It's a specific mix of strength and cardio exercises that will get your body and fitness ready to enjoy the event. Best thing is, it is tailored to suit ALL fitness levels and will allow you to work at your own pace. You bring the determination, I'll give you the motivation and science you need to rip into your Stadium Stomp event.

Question: How should we prepare the week of Stadium Stomp?

Shannan Ponton: The week before the race itself, you should taper off (reduce) the volume of training. Following my program takes that into account. As silly as it seems do exactly what you've done in training! Don't try anything tricky before the race as I've seen disastrous results in the past. Athlete's trying new supplements, pre-workouts or food before a race, which doesn't agree with their tum-tum….and quarter of the way through the race….well you know where this is going….straight down the….

Question: What types of food should we consume before and after Stadium Stomp?

Shannan Ponton: It's a very personal thing. Most athletes have their own favorite pre-event meal. You need to know what you perform best on –pre-race. I suggest, that whatever it is you decide to eat before the actual race, you have tried successfully before a few of your training sessions.

Question: Why did you decide to get on board to support Stadium Stomp?

Shannan Ponton: I love trying new things. -Variety is the spice of fitness,' after all. What better place to test myself than in some of Australia's most iconic sporting arenas. Places where legends have risen, teams and individuals triumphed…I can almost smell the liniment and taste the sweat! It's the complete equation, get fitter and healthier training for the event, test yourself in the event and raise some funds to help someone going through their own tough time through the charity partners. The best of BODY, MIND & SOUL.

Interview by Brooke Hunter