FREE Grill'd Burgers for Charity

FREE Grill'd Burgers for Charity

Grill'd Healthy Burgers Supporting Polished Man

The Australian healthy burger experts, Grill'd, has teamed up with not-for-profit organisation YGAP, to support their -Polished Man' initiative and help end violence against children.


Throughout the month of October, Grill'd is giving away seven free burgers in seven days to all generous polished men and women who have signed up to support the Polished Man cause.

Speaking ahead of the campaign launch, Grill'd Managing Director, Simon Crowe said, 'we're proud to partner with YGAP to support their Polished Man initiative for the second consecutive year. Last year we helped the organisation raise $1 million with the help of over 62,000 Polished Men. This year we hope to help them raise even more funds to support trauma recovery and prevention programs for children who have suffered or are at risk of suffering violence," said Simon.

'We all have the power to make a change and this begins in our local communities and we're calling on every Australian to paint one fingernail during October, start a conversation over a healthy burger and inspire a donation to help end violence against children," continued Crowe.

Take a stand to end violence against children; be a voice for one in five children who experience violence before they're 18. Head to sign up, raise $30 for Polished Man and the free burgers are yours to enjoy. Doing good has never tasted so great.

Valid between Wednesday 4th October and Tuesday 10th October, 2017, Grill'd's free burger offer is open to polished men and women who have joined the movement.

Backed by local sports superstars and home-grown celebrities, this year's campaign aims to raise $3 million and achieve 100,000 sign ups through the month of October.

So why Polished Man?


88 per cent of sexual violence is perpetrated by men1, but the Polished Man movement is not about pointing the finger. It's about empowerment. It's about asking men to unite and lead by example, channelling their collective strength to protect society's most vulnerable members and our future leaders.


Last year, the efforts of Polished Man made an outstanding impact on the lives of children:
280 impact entrepreneurs, supported by YGAP, improved the lives of more than 260,000 people living in poverty, which is one of the biggest predictors of violence against children
World Vision Australia was able to continue its end violence against children global initiative work which has helped see over 16,000 children rescued from child trafficking and supported to return to their home countries.
Two child victims of violence were provided extensive trauma counselling and support to carers, families and teachers to build important relationships by the Australian Childhood Foundation

How to redeem your free burgers?

To wrap your mouth around one of these healthy burgers, simply sign up to the Polished Man campaign, tick the box that states -join the movement to end violence against children', raise $30, paint a fingernail and Grill'd will shout you a free burger every day between Wednesday 4th October and Tuesday 10th October.

Update! If anyone donates $30+ to a mate, to a team, or to a group they also will get a FREE Grill'd every day for the next five days (until Oct 10).

To find out more visit;
To learn more about Polished Man 2017 or to register as an individual or as a team head to