Red Bull Energy Drink Review and RedBull Ingredience

Red Bull Energy Drink Review and RedBull Ingredience

Red Bull Energy Drink Gives You Wings

Red Bull Energy Drink main ingredients are caffeine, sugar and taurine.The amount of caffeine contained in one can (250ml) is 0.03%, equal with aregular cup of coffee. However, the ingredient that sets Red Bull apart withother kind of beverages is taurine, a chemical that can be found naturallyinside our body which is formed by hydrolysis of taurocholic acid. Duringphysical or mental strain our body will lose a good amount of taurine. Andsince a high amount of taurine is also released in our urine, the body cannot produce enough taurine to make up for the loss, which makes us feel tiredafter working for some time.

It is necessary to supply the body with taurine whenever its level isdepleted and one can of Red Bull contains enough taurine to energise yourbody for one full day. Red Bull works its wonder based on this chemical,with the total energy that is being passed to your body from one drink mayreach 192kJ (contains no fat). The amount of taurine itself may normallyreach 1000mg, looks a lot when being compared with the amount of caffeinein one can (80mg). With all these chemicals inside it, the drink reallydoes what it says, it stimulates the body, makes you feel energetic andrevived. Moreover, the effect can be felt in a short period of time (10to 15 minutes) and lasts for a day.

Several other ingredients in one can: Glucuronolactone, Carbonated Water,Sodium Citrate, Sucrose and Glucose, Niacin, Vitamin B12, Inositol.

Apart from the energy produced from one can of Red Bull it also tastesquite nice. Red Bull energy drink offers a sweet berry flavour inside eachcan, with the addition of sugar to extend its sweetness. By comparison withother energy drinks in the market, Red Bull is considered as the sweetest.

This drink originally came from Austria, and in 1992 it went into globalmarket. Considered as the first of its kind to hit the beverage market, nowRed Bull can be found almost everywhere. It is now easy tobuyRed Bull drinks.

There is nothing like a Red Bull Energy Drink loaded with enzymes,proteins and vitamins to help you through a beer and other alcoholicbeverage induced hang overs. Buy Red Bull online from

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