Sugar Free Red Bull Energy Drink - Sugar Free Redbull

Sugar Free Red Bull Energy Drink - Sugar Free Redbull

Sugarless Red Bull

In 1992, Red Bull Energy Drink has been released globally, and in a few yearshas captured the world's energy drink market.

In 2003, the company released a new product Sugar Free Red Bull along with theiroriginal drink. The new product offered the same effects of the original Red Bull:increased concentration, physical performance and vitalising body and mind, but with one little difference. The original drink has 3 main ingredients that is Caffeine, Sugar and Taurine. Learning from the name, we can easily assume that Sugar Free Red Bull contains no sugar at all, by having them replaced by anartificial sweetener.

Another small difference of Sugar Free Red Bull with the original Red Bull is thatthe new drink comes in a can with light blue colour and a word 'sugarfree' replacingthe usual 'energy drink' from original Red Bull.

Remarkably, there isn't any significant difference in taste between Sugar Free RedBull with the original drink. It still has the berry flavour, and more importantly the sweetness level does not drop at all, and some people find Sugar Free RedBull somehow more pleasant. The missing sugar in its ingredients makes the drink become healthier and easier with your teeth, a very much welcomed feature in today's non-sugar dieting practice.

Sugar Free Red Bull still has the same amount of taurine (1000mg) in its 250mlcan, the ingredient which makes the drink able to create the same alertness orboost with the original drink. The rest of ingredients from original Red Bull isstill intact, such as Vitamin B6, B12 and Niacin.

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