The Health and Beauty Regime in a Juice Bottle

The Health and Beauty Regime in a Juice Bottle
For those of us looking for younger, more vibrant skin but who don't have the time to spend applying cream after cream, you'll be pleased to know that with Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice Drink, fighting the effects of gravity has never been easier - or tastier!

Crammed full of premium fresh cranberries, Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice Drink is one of nature's best kept secrets and has a deliciously sweet fruity taste that will leave you wanting more.

It's a fat free* health and beauty routine - all contained in the one convenient juice bottle. Just one 250ml serve of Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice Drink per day contains 112.5 percent of the recommended dietary intake of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential for producing collagen which fights the effects of gravity to produce supple, younger looking skin.

Made from only the most superior quality cranberries, Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice Drink contains a massive 30 percent cranberry juice - which is 20 percent more than any other product on the market, so you can rest assured that with Sunraysia you've got the very best.

And the good news is, by drinking Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice Drink daily, you will be helping to boost your immune system, allowing the body to fight illness and infections caused by bacteria, as well as assisting in healing cuts, bruises and burns. Vitamin C also aids iron absorption which can strengthen body tissue and blood vessels.

Cranberries have a long association with good medicine and proven benefits when it comes to fighting bad breath, cystitis and urinary tract infection. Researchers from the University of Illinois suggest that it can even help prevent cancer and stop existing tumours from developing.**

With no preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or artificial sweeteners, Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice Drink is an easy inclusion in your daily beauty and health regime. Available from leading Supermarkets throughout Australia.

Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice Drink. Anything else is a compromise.

For further information on Sunraysia Cranberry Fruit Juice Drink or to locate your nearest stockist, please contact (03) 9693 0500.

* Less than 0.3g fat per 250ml serve
** Taken from (Life Sciences, Vol. 62,1998), "Cranberry Extracts Inhibits LBL Oxidation"
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