Red Bull Energy Drink Mixed With Vodka - Alcoholic vodka red bull mix

Red Bull Energy Drink Mixed With Vodka - Alcoholic vodka red bull mix

Red Bull Energy Drink Mixed With Vodka and other Alcoholic mixed drink

Apart from energizing our body, one good addition in Red Bull Energy Drink is its high compatibility with alcohol beverages, and Vodka apparently have become the most popular alcoholic partner for Red Bull. There are numerous recipes variant available in the internet about red bull mixed drinks with most of them suggested Red Bull Vodka as a very good combination, and the recipes differs only in composition. If you don't have a Red Bull to mix your Vodka with, you can Buy Red Bull energy drinks online.

The combination in a Vodka and Red Bull mixing is usually enough for consumer, but an addition of few cubes of ice may give some nice chill effect to the drink. In order to get the best taste, you should get a good quality Vodka, with Absolut Vodka, as one leading brand in Vodka drink seems to be the number one choice in this mix. Absolut Vodka itself now comes with several original fruity flavours which may add taste on the drink, so you should know the flavour of vodka before deciding on other ingredients to add into the mix.

On top of Vodka Red Bull Mixing, we can also add some more light ingredients such as Cranberry Juice to strengthen the sweetness that comes from the Red Bull, Or perhaps you may prefer some Lemon Lime Juice or soda to add some sourness in this mix. Tequila can also be used in the mix, along with Rum or maybe Gin, whichusually can be added in amount of about 20oz on top of Red bull and Vodka.

It seems that Red Bull and alcohol produces a unique partnership, where alcohol is considered as a depressant, Red Bull is a stimulant for our body. Their combination prevents drowsiness caused by its alcohol content and by adding Red Bull to it, you will not easily get a hangover. If you want to try this mix,you can Order red bull online, get yourself an Absolut Vodka and start mixing.For people who are trying to reduce theirs sugar consumption, they can alsoOrder sugar free red bull online from

Some of the most popular red bull mixed drinks and red bull mixed with alcohol include:

  • Red Bull Wings - Red Bull and Vodka
  • Bull Breeze - Red Bull, Vodka and Cranberry juice
  • Bull Rider - Red Bull, Jack Daniels & Lemonade
  • Bullgaritas - Red Bull, Tequila and Margarita mix
  • Bullionaire - Red Bull, Gin, OJ and Cranberry juice
  • Bull's Eye - Red Bull, Stoli Raspberry & Chambord
  • Bulmosa - Red Bull, Champagne and OJ
  • Flirg Bull - Red Bull, Amoretto and OJ
  • Invisibull - Red Bull & Bacardi Limon
  • Kissabull - Red Bull & Grape Pucker
  • Malibull - Red Bull, Malibu rim & pineapple juice
  • Melonbull - Red Bull, Midori and Vodka
  • Original Gangsta Bull - Red Bull, Gin and OJ juice
  • Red Bull Blaster or Torpedo - A shot of Jagermeister dropped into a glass of Red Bull
  • Red Sky - Red Bull, Sky vodka, OJ grenadine
  • Southern Bull - Red Bull and Southern Comfort
  • Speed Ball - Red Bull, Stoli orange and OJ
  • Thug Passion - Red Bull and Alize
  • Thug Viagra - Shot of Hennessey chased by Red Bull
  • Viagra Martini - Red Bull, Martini and a cherry whip cream optional

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*The legal age for alcohol in Australia is 18*