With a Twist

With a Twist
"I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day."

Cocktails are back.

The retro-chic style swing of the 1990's thanks to Sex and the City and movies like Swingers has led to the resurgence of cocktails around the world.

Now a Cosmopolitan is much more than a magazine; a Rusty Nail Shot much more than a tetanus needle; sitting on a Vespa may not involve a scooter at all; and if consumed correctly, Agent Orange shouldn't kill you. However, a Bongo Rhythm will certainly get you dancing...

To inform 'mixologist' aficionados and novices alike of the latest international cocktail trends, this March, Focus Books is launching With a Twist - Australia's ultimate cocktail guide.

With a Twist contains over 500 recipes for cocktails, mocktails, mixed drinks and snacks, all arranged in easy-to-find alphabetical order. All recipes are indexed by their main ingredient, to make finding the right drink easier.

The cocktail recipes were compiled and edited by Naren Young, renowned cocktail specialist who has travelled the world bartending, judging cocktail competitions and commenting on global drink trends. He is currently Bar Manager at Sydney's popular Bayswater Brasserie.

"We've included all the oldies, my favourite the Manhattan, the Bloody Mary, Long Island Ice Tea, many variations of the Martini, and so on. We've also searched the world for the hottest modern mixes," Naren said.

"One current bartending trend is experimentation with herbs and spices, which is breathing new life into traditional recipes and giving birth to a whole new range of cocktails. For example, adding lemongrass to a martini recipe will create a very refreshing, clean and unique taste sensation . New preparation techniques like muddling, double straining and using flamed orange zests are also explained within the book." continued Naren.

"We wanted to reveal the closely-guarded secrets of the world's best bartenders to those interested in making cocktails. So With a Twist covers all the basics like what you need to set up your bar, how to match cocktails with glasses, tips about garnishes and ingredients - even a song list of great cocktail party accompaniments. "

"With a Twist contains all the techniques, recipes and tips that a budding home mixologist would ever need," Naren said....

The 30 non-alcoholic recipes for mocktails in With a Twist are perfect for non-drinkers or youngsters. The Brazilian Breakdance, Mocktini, PiƱa Con Nada, Fruity Virgin Daiquiri and Bee Sting are just some examples of the book's different alcohol-free blends.

Produced in association with Smith's Snackfoods, With a Twist is supported by Smith's Red Rock Deli chip brand, featured in the Snacks section of the book.

With a Twist from Focus Books will be available from BWS and selected Woolworths and Safeway Liquor stores nationally from March 29 for a RRP of $6.95, which is half the price of a cocktail!

*The legal age for alcohol in Australia is 18*